Monday, March 3, 2008


We had a nice weekend. The weather was warm and we relished in the opportunity to get a little Vitamin D and be out in it. It was the kind of weather that just makes you happy. Springtime is by far my favorite time of year. The flowers are blooming, new leaves budding, and the grass is getting greener. New life just springing up all around you and it's a breath of fresh air after the dry, dead and chilly winter.

My mom, the kids and I went for a stroll down our local broad street in an attempt to go to the tea room for lunch, having forgotten that they are closed on Saturdays. We walked down the street to a local favorite sandwich shop and enjoyed a nice lunch and even though we didn't have pretty little teapots on the table and dress up hats we still enjoyed our meal very much. After that we did a little shopping and topped it off with a Brusters ice cream. I couldn't help while we were doing all this to think that pretty soon little J will not want to be a part of any of this girly stuff. I informed T of this so he could get ready to have J in tow with him during his Saturday golf game. I can't tell you how much I delight in the fact that HE now will get a taste of what I have been doing the past 7 years. Not that T doesn't help me out a great deal, but there haven't been many times that I have been alone for 5 hours or more like he gets to experience while on the golf course. I know that J will want nothing to do with tea rooms and shopping on a pretty Saturday afternoon therefore T will hopefully be taking him to do the "guy things".

On Sunday we went to the movies to see the Spiderwick Cronicles. A good movie, but a little scary. I'm worried what kind of night terrors might occur in the wee hours of the mornings around my house this week. After the movies we went to the park and took in the opportunity to soak in the sun and let the kids expend a little energy. They had a lot of fun and I think J enjoyed being outdoors as well. We then went to dinner, probably offending the people near us with our sweaty smelling kids, and enjoyed a family dinner together. I was very appreciative of this, since our cupboards are extremely scarce and after the day we had, I didn't feel much like going to the grocery store and then cooking a meal for all of us. It was nice to have someone cook it and no mess for me to clean up (because I had enough mess at home already to deal with).

Today is Monday, which is my least favorite day of the week. However, having that extra dose of Vitamin D must have done me some good because I woke up very motivated. I had cleaned my kitchen, put on the laundry, swept and mopped the floors, made all the beds and picked up and put back toys before I even got on the computer today. And this is all without coffee this morning! (Told you the cupboards are bare) I'd like to say I did it "backwards in high heels" as the good ole Kenny Chesney puts it, but I didn't feel like attempting that one this morning, mainly because I didn't want to end up at the emergency room today.

Isn't it amazing how spring weather brings forth a rejuvinated spirit and body? Have I said that I loved spring? Now here is the laughable part....the weather isn't here to stay. Nope, a storm is coming in and the temperatures are dropping. Today we are yet again enjoying 70 degree temperatures but by this Saturday it will be in the 50's. So dissapointing, such a tease that spring.

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