Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Little Piece of Heaven

My Dad and A have this great beach house that my brother and family are fortunate enough to be visiting this week and I am so jealous. It got me to thinking of how great that little place is and how much fun we have had there over the past few years. The beach house is for sale now and we all hate to see it go, even Dad and A, but at least we can hope it brings another family as many memories and relaxation as it has us.

Sunshine Cottage is in a quiet, gated community on the emerald waters of the gulf coast. It's name suits and does not disappoint...there is plenty of sunshine. It isn't pretentious, but rather comfortable and nice. When you step up on the front porch it seems to welcome you in and already you feel at ease, a sense of calm. The weathered rockers and porch invite you to sit and enjoy the moment of the breeze and sunshine peeking through the palms. "Relax, it doesn't get much better than this" is what the sign says that I bought them as a house warming present. It now hangs in the den of the cottage and little did I know how true this would really be when I purchased it. That seems to have become the motto while visiting down there.

I would do anything to be there now, listening to some Kenney Chesney, drinking a margarita and floating in the pool. I'm pretty darn sure that's what my brother's doing at the moment!

Here are a few memories we have made there:

I promise Dad and A, I am not trying to talk you out of selling the place.......but did it? No, seriously joking. Thanks for letting my little family stay there and make some great memories. We love you.

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