Monday, March 31, 2008

Febreeze won't cover it!

First, just let me say I have been avoiding posting about this in fear that we will lose all of our friends and I would lose all those people out there that enjoy reading my blog. But, after a week of holding back, I have decided to let you all know what exactly I have been dealing with and after reading this, you feel it necessary to never come back, I completely understand.

Last week was crazy and I am hoping this week will be better. It started on Monday, when I took J and K to the doctor to find out J had an ear infection and K was wheezing. J is on antibiotics for his ear infection and coupled with that, he has cut 2 more teeth! 3 teeth in a week! No wonder I have had some sleepless nights! K is on breathing treatments to try and get her cough/wheeze away..which everyone knows those steroids make a child a little bit more excited. But I have to say the thing that takes the cake (for the week) would be the foul smelling odor coming from K's room.

For a few days I had noticed a slightly bad odor coming from K's room when I would wake her up in the morning. Honestly, I just thought it was bad morning breath given that she has been sick and coughing for a while. But the smell continued to get worse, until one day last week, I knew it was something bad and some investigating needed to be done. I was talking to Georgiamom on the phone Monday morning telling her to pray for me as I entered the room to try to get to the bottom of the odor. It was THAT bad...I knew I needed a prayer buddy to ensure my safety, fearing that a bio hazard team might show up and quarantine me in the room with the stinky smell! At first I was hoping to find a random cookie or food item that K had hidden in her room, or perhaps a rancid sippy cup growing mold in it (every mom out there has seen this) in the dark beneath the bed or behind the dresser. After not finding either of the two and as a day or so passed, I knew I was not dealing with food or sippy cup, but rather the obvious offensive odor of a dead animal. (I now have no friends left in the world, I'm sure of it! I bid you a fond farwell) Yes people, a dead animal!

Obviously, we tore the room upside down, including mattress and box springs. I went through every part of that room only to find nothing. Ty investigated in the attic and under the house, which is only a crawl space. As a matter of fact, he said that is the best form of exercise he has had in a long time--pulling all his weight by his elbows alone. But his efforts did not produce any decayed mouse or squirrel, unfortunately (I guess.) As a result, we concluded that the culprit must be in a wall somewhere and my pest control service said there was nothing we could really do about it but wait it out. NICE!

So for the past week we have been one less bedroom, making our little house even smaller. K has been sleeping with M, which has led to bedtimes with giggles and talking instead of sleeping and early mornings for K, when she is used to sleeping until around 9am. And all the while, K's door remains closed off, just waiting for the smell to go away...let nature take it's course. I know....Gross!

Just thought I would let you in on a little of my insanity lately. Now, y'all go have a nice lunch!


wendymom said...

okay, now I am curious what it is?

elizabeth said...

That's the point (and the insanity of it all)....we don't know. Probably a dead mouse in the walls or perhaps a dead squirrel in our attic? Gross. The smell is better now, going away slowly so that pretty much confirms that yes, indeed that's what it was(dead animal of some sort). Couldn't find it..looked everywhere, but you can't start bashing walls because you really don't even know which wall it is. You just have to wait and let nature take its's all about the cycle of life! Ha. I'm disgusted. I'm now ready for a new house, even though I guess these things can happen in a new house too.

Thanks for asking...I'm just as curious as you. (Hope you're still my friend.)