Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm No American Idol

I am not a huge fan of reality TV shows, but considering that is all that is on these days, I watch them. I do enjoy watching American Idol and sometimes Dancing With The Stars. I think I like to watch these because I like pretending I'm a judge too. Last night while flipping back and forth between the two, T and I were talking about them and I realized that I was being so critical of everyone. "Simon's right. That was not really good...", and other things like that. At one point, while watching a 6 foot, thin, brunette ballroom dance, I made the comment, "She really isn't all that graceful." It is then that I looked at T and he at me, and we both just started laughing. The reason it's so funny is I'm slightly over 5feet, a little clumsy, and (perhaps) a FEW pounds too heavy and I am saying this about this girl!? I have absolutely no rhythm and can barely carry a tune when singing. The irony of me criticizing these talented people is laughable....but it makes for a fun Tuesday night. I'm going to keep pretending I'm a judge with Simon, Paula and Randy,critique everything about the contestants, and laugh with my husband about it. I will also continue to identify all the shortcomings of beautiful women that my husband is watching on TV!

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