Thursday, March 20, 2008

Paying it Forward

It feels good when you know you did something good for someone else. I can't help but think of that sweet movie, Pay It Forward. I experienced a little bit of that in my day today.

My dear hubby stretched our budget today and purchased a new grill. We told each other it was our birthday presents to each other this year. We have had our other grill for at least 6 years and it has been rebuilt several was just time for a new one. We grill out a lot, especially with me on a diet. It seems like I have been eating a lot of grilled chicken lately! He even stretched the budget a little further because of course the Tim Allen in him had to cook a steak on that shiny new grill to test it out! Not much for the diet thing...

Well, he called me after he had made the purchase at our local K-Mart store and said it wouldn't fit in his car. I measured my ever so convenient mommy mobile (a minivan) and no luck, it wouldn't fit in mine either. We didn't know anyone with a truck, but after talking to my Dad, he said he would call his friend with a truck and see if he could do it. That sweet man, with a hurt back and in the middle of work, met me at Kmart and we were able to have someone load it onto his truck. He followed me home, but once we got there he could not help me get it out of his truck because of his back. I then called my sweet neighbor who works from home and he was willing to come and help. Together, with my neighbor, we unloaded our shiny new stainless steel wonder. I thanked my neighbor and he went back home. I then thanked my Dad's friend and gave him a little cash to cover his fuel expenses (we ALL know that is an ARM AND A LEG these days!) and his precious time.

Later tonight my Tim Allen got busy with his grilling and culinary skills and man, he put that new piece of machinery to good work. It cooked up the best piece of mouth watering rib-eye ever known to man. I had cooked some potatoes (that later I just might share the wonderful recipe with you) and a salad to top off the meal. Oh, and as an added bonus, A. was willing to part with a little of her special family recipe salad dressing to compliment our meal! Absolute delight!

I looked at my steak, knowing that these calories would for sure push me over my diet boundaries for the day, and I decided to cut that steak in half and take it to me sweet neighbor that helped me today. Of course I threw in the potatoes and salad to go with it. After all, he did help me and I knew his wife was out of town, leaving him with 3 of his 4 kids to take care of. I walked right up in their backyard, while they were cooking smores and hot dogs over a low fire( how cool is this dad!?) and I gave him that plate of food. He was so gracious and said, "You didn't have to do this." But I told him, "Well, I just did. Enjoy, and thanks again for your help today."

It's not much, I know, but when someone helps you, you just should return the favor. I did that today and I can't help but feel really good about that.

Pay it forward, it forward.

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wendymom said...

Both he and you lived true examples of Loving your neighbor as yourself. Way to go girl.