Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Buddy

For some reason or another when J was born I found myself referring to him as, "Buddy". I guess it just seemed more affectionate, just a pet name for him. Trust me, I DO NOT want this to be a nickname outside of the immediate family.

The nickname has really caught on with K. She pronounces it even better,..."Buh-dee"
I love to hear her say it. She gets up in his face and says, "Good morning, Buh-dee. Good morning." And occasionaly the "Buh-dee" turns into "Bunny-wunny". The later, I don't think J will love so much as he grows older. It still warms a mommy's heart to hear it for now.

With no further ado, here are some pictures of "Buddy" taken today. He is 5 months and oh so sweet and cute. (By the way, the dark dot on his nose is a scratch. He is constantly scratching himself with his razorblade-like fingernails. The other reddish marks on his face are called stork-bites and they are fading with age. By a year old, they probably won't be visible at all)


dawesomestar said...

So, So cute!! Have I even seen this baby in person? Precious. I am enjoying your blog. I'm really glad I mistakenly sent you that email!!

wendymom said...

I think he looks like K.