Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Future Neurosurgeon or Botanist

The following was told to me today by K's little neighbor friend. Now, she is only five, but this might give us some clue to why our education system is the way it is today. Oh my....these kids are the future of tomorrow:

"Do you know who Johnny Appleseed was? He was, like, the first guy on the planet...ya know,like, when there were only leprechauns and Indians and stuff? And he is the one who made the apple. We got to wear these things on our heads at school to celebrate his birthday....Man..that was so cool."

I think she is a little confused.

Monday, September 29, 2008

J's 1st Year

Here is a little montage of pictures celebrating J's 1st year
(you will need to go to the bottom of the page to turn off my music player before viewing.)

A Birthday Boy!

I realize that I am a day late posting this, but NO, I did not confuse his birthday for today! We celebrated and had a little party for little J and it was just to hectic to post yesterday, so here are some pictures of my little one year old angel boy. If only you could hear him laughing!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy, my precious gift. You melt my heart!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Elderly Fish Allowed!

M found a coupon for a free goldfish the other day and ever since she has been pestering me to go to the pet store to redeem it.

We have never been very successful with goldfish. I think we have had three or four and none of them has lasted more than a couple of weeks. The last one, I think stayed alive maybe about 3 or 4 days. I think a large reason that we couldn't keep one alive is the fact that M was so young that she would stick the little net in the bowl, get out the fish, hold it a minute and then plop it back in the bowl. I don't think she was quite old enough to grasp the fact that a goldfish is not exactly the type of pet you can hold, stroke, and love.

Never the less, here we are, probably about to enbark on another goldfish adventure. We will see how long it last. The funny thing is, when M was telling me to go to the store to get her fish, she said to me, "Mom, make sure that you tell the man that we want a new fish, not an old fish. I'm pretty sure that last time he gave us an old fish that was just 3 days away from dying."

She obviously holds no guilt for killing a few goldfish in the past, because she says it's not our fault at all.....we OBVIOUSLY just had an "old fish."

I assured her that I would indeed ask for a young and new fish when I went......Hilarious!!!

Crow does not taste good

I'm eating crow this morning and I hate the taste of it!

I argued with my husband yesterday that baby J's birthday is Saturday the 27th, but he insisted that it was Sunday the 28th. I have no idea why, but I keep getting this mixed up! Anyway, the arguement even proceeded into our new small group last night at church. I informed everyone there that I was right, and he was wrong. Well, I get an email from my husband this morning with a copy of my own blog that clearly reveals my son's birthday as, in fact, the 28th. (I even went and pulled out the newspaper clipping of his birth to double check)

Ok, T, I guess I should learn by now that YOU are actually the one that is usually right....as much as I hate to admit that fact.

Humble pie and a little crow this morning leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As Time Goes By..

I realize that all of you are probably sick of me whining about my life going by too quickly, or my kids growing up to fast, but try to bear with me over the next few days, because Saturday is a big day...

As we quickly approach our baby boy's first birthday, once again, I am struck with the reality that my children are growing up much too quickly. As I rocked little J back to sleep last night, I was flooded with emotions, mostly guilt.

"I haven't rocked him enough..."

"I didn't smell his tiny forehead enough, soaking in that sweet scent of baby."

"I haven't read enough books to him...haven't sung to him as often as I should."

All these things almost brought me to tears, but I know the reality is that I DID DO all these things, and I certainly TRIED to savor the moments, making mental pictures, trying to absorb in all of it during his first year. Life is just so darn quick. It gets even quicker the more we try to do in a day...carpools, lunches, laundry, work, dinners, baths...all the everyday things we do about our normal lives. But at the end of the day, I don't want to look back at the past years with regret. I want to read the books, sing the songs, take time to kiss and hug, more than I do the other things that don't matter as much. Somebody once said, "Your children will not remember if their kitchen was clean, or that the floors of their home were spotless, but what they will remember is that you took special time with them." Who cares, if at the end of the day, that my sink has dishes in it? Isn't it far more important that they remember me taking the time to sing, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" one more time, while tucking them in at night, or that I stopped mopping my floors when they needed me to read them a story? Isn't that, after all, much more important?

All this being said, I still think, even if I do this, that I would sit and think after all my children are grown, "I didn't do enough...I should have enjoyed it more." In a way, I want them to remain little forever, but then again, I don't. I'm excited about seeing my children grow up because I know God has a special plan and purpose for them. How wonderful it will be to watch all that unfold. I just want to again, stop and remind myself of how very precious this time is. To stop and slow down the pace...stop rushing so much. I'm making memories today for my children, as well as myself, and I want them to be good memories.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just For Laughs

If you read Boomama's blog then you have seen her posts about what people google to find her blog, and as always, she leaves you in stitches. Having that in mind, and looking at my live traffic feed, I noticed that it can be quite hilarious! Here are my top five thus far: (These are actually what people typed in google and landed on this blog)

1. "Pinoir Sets"...I wish I could help you, but my mother in law bought those pinoir sets for my girls long ago.

2. "Successful Mother"...Oh my, you have most definitely landed in the wrong place. If you find that website, please be kind enough to email it to me.

3. "Dead Squirrel Smell...When does it go away?" I feel your pain, I feel your pain! And by the way, it goes away, just before you think you will vomit upon smelling it...you know, the kind of smell that you just can't forget about, kind of smell. Hang in there!

4. "Operation Motherhood" I'm probably not what you expected, but I hope you weren't too disappointed.


5. "Big and Squishy Girls" From one big and squishy girl to another, welcome friend!..Or maybe I am being a bit too presumptuous here, because you could be some weird guy with a strange fetish for big and squishy girls...and in that case, well, I'm already spoken for.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wrestler or Banker??

I have been suffering from a little writer's block lately. I think most of that is to do with the fact that every day seems just like the one before...alarms, getting kids ready for school, running my taxi to both schools twice a day, naps for J, files to process, dinner to cook...blah, blah, blah. Nothing really has seemed worthy enough to document. I really haven't had any great thoughts or moments that I could manage to put into words for this blog. Just call it a slump, if you will.

But since I am feeling guilty today for not writing much lately on my blog, I thought I would throw my husband "under the bus" for this post. (Sorry, babe..please do show up at home tonight despite the fact that I used you for a little laugh on the world wide web)

My daughter M got a brand new pair of roller skates for her birthday. White with purple stripes and purple laces. Almost as cute as the white ones with big green furry balls on them that I had at her age.
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My husband picked up one of the new skates the other night and was checking them out, but you could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he looked at them intently. Like me being reminded of my 1980 pair of skates, he was also reminded of his own pair. He said, "I will never forget trying like heck to get the wheels off of my skates."

"Why would you want to do that?" I inquired.

"Because I knew if I could get all the wheels off of them, I would have a real nice pair of wrestling boots!" he said with a giggle.

I bet if he would've been successful in doing so, he might have put the moves on somebody like this:

Although, I guess he would have had to further his attire to truly look professional:

Such lofty dreams for a young boy! All the way from "professional wrestler" to conservative banker. My how things change over time. I'm truly happy that God had a different plan for that little boy.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

M and K are always antagonizing each other. It truly is sibling rivalry at it's best around my house. K is finally learning to stand up to her big sister and although, maybe not right, sometimes T and I sit back and watch arguments and fights between them unfold just to see what little K will do in defense. I must admit, she has gotten rather good these days at defending herself and it's funny to watch.

Last night after getting the two girls out of the bathtub, an argument arose between the 2 of them. Most of it was really just "funning" around with the other, but as always it usually ends up with someone hurt, or feelings hurt at the least, and this was no different.

After "fighting", "arguing", "funning (for lack of a better word) around" with each other, I finally put an end to it. I then told M to apologize and tell her sister that she loved her. She apologized and that was it. So I encouraged her to let her sister know that she loved her. She then responded, "Love. I hate love! That stuff is just for Mommys and Daddys!"

Well, at the very least, we must really show the kids how very much we love each other as husband and wife.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today, I am reminded...

Of so many people that lost loved ones....

Of so many children that will grow up and never
have known their father, or their mother.

Of how many heroes that were made that one tragic

Of horrible images from the TV.

Those same images that were played over and over.

Those scenes that you couldn't watch without crying, even
from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Those scenes of devastation, desperation, and horror mixed in
with the scenes of honor, patriotism and heroism.

Today, I am free...thanks to all those people fighting to
make that possible.

Today, I feel like my children are safe because of all those brave
men and women.

Today, I am proud of my country.

Today, I am thankful.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adieu Summer

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Summer, we waited patiently for you to arrive, but unfortunately you seemed to breeze in and breeze out much quicker than I would have liked. For so many months we longed of no buzzing alarm clocks, no routine schedules, no homework...and then you came. We headed to the beach, tanned our skin, adorned in our new season's bathing suit, we went to the pool and spent hours diving for toys and jumping off the diving board, we were relaxed about waking in the morning, sleeping until our bodies wanted to, we played outside, catching lighting bugs and doing sparklers....We had fun. We were relaxed.

And now...it has come to an end....We are now in the days of alarm clocks, homework and carpools all too quickly.

I bid you a fond farewell, summer. It was a good one for me and my family. Be good to us again next year!