Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mr. McDreamy wears Timberlands

Just a little story on how I met the man of my dreams.

I was lucky enough to be one of those people who married their High School sweethearts. I just turned 17 years old and 10 days later I was set up on a blind date with T by mutual friends of ours at the time. T was 1 month shy of turning 16.
We were but mere babes. (To think about the possibility of M meeting her husband in 8 years is frightening to say the least)

On our first date we went to the ever so swanky ...Taco Bell (yup, you heard me correctly) Tacos and a Mountain Dew....You had me at "Hello", Baby! We still laugh about us eating at this wonderful establishment on our first date. I'm pretty sure the remainder of the evening we "cruised" around in my friend's convertible to the local "cruising" the Burger King. When you live in a small town, this is the kind of entertainment you get on a Friday night...sad, I know.

I remember well that I thought T was so cute right off the bat. He was so tall (and super skinny), he had huge green eyes and jet black hair. And he was looking ever do dapper in the acid washed cut off blue jeans, purple polo shirt, and Timberlands Don't poke fun...we were fresh out of the eighty's, which despite good memories of the neon fingerless gloves and treetorns, it truly wasn't our best fashion decade.

T remembers as well what I looked like. I was sporting the ever so popular spiral perm, which I had all through high school because back then, big hair was in. I had on a pair of Guess navy and white checked shorts, a white and navy sailor sweater, and (oh, I am so embarrassed...) some white Sam & Libby flats (the ones that looked like ballerina slippers with a big bow)!

Well, despite a bad restaurant choice, really bad fashion sense and some really big hair, we obviously made an impression on each other because 7 years later we got married. I am so lucky because I not only married my high school sweetheart but my best friend as well. And to have the laughs about our "first blind date" is priceless!

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A work in progress said...

That story is so cute. I can visualize the fashion so well. Coincidentally, Kraig and I were set up on a blind date at 16 as well. Those were the days, weren't they? We are both blessed to have found our soulmates so quickly.