Friday, February 29, 2008

Not So ...

I am starting to think like a Blogger. I mean in my head all day I am thinking to myself, "Is this blogworthy"..."Could I write about this?" I'm sure it comes as no secret to any of you that my life isn't all that glamorous these days and quite frankly it's hard to come up with anything exciting you might want write about when your days consists of the same things: dirty diapers, laundry, dishes, squeaking a toy, and a few files to process.

Due to the fact that I work from home, I usually do most of my computer work and housework in some bum clothing (or dare I say it, pajamas!) A luxury, I'm sure some of you are thinking, but not great for ones self image I can tell you. Usually around lunch is when I make it to the shower and then get dressed in something totally blah...afterall, I have no where to go, but I do at least give my husband the courtesy of being clean with a little mascara & a little lipstick on by the time that he comes home. But then I usually top off my look with a holey sweat-shirt, out dated jeans, and a pair of hot pink crocs! Oh, I know the fashion Gods are cringing right now. I'm always worried that Stacy and Clinton are lurking behind a corner somewhere, secretly taping me for an episode of "What Not to Wear"...and TRUST me I would break everyone of their 360 degree mirrors if they put me in there right now . But I have to admit, Im a good candidate.

I have been feeling a little "not so glamorous" lately. A couple of stories come to mind. One of T's cousins just went to Sri Lanka and rode an elephant (sorry Im using you as an example L, Im so jealous!).....meanwhile I sat in my holey sweatshirt and hot pink crocs waiting for something to blog about. How's that for insult to injury? Feeling not so important, nothing exciting going on...and you hear someone in your family is out riding elephants in Sri Lanka...How's that for glamorous? Sounds pretty darn glamorous to me and would definitely make for a good blog post.

Another story about the "not so glamorous" side of motherhood is a story my friend D told me. She is a fellow homeaker and mommie that also struggles with the issue of not feeling all that important or glamorous these days. She is a mom of 2 precious boys and one of those boys is having career week at his school, with dad doctors coming in with a medical instruments, and other "cool" jobs and WITH props! Well, her son said, "Mommy, I want you to come and talk about being a mom."

She laughed and said, "My job isn't so important and what do you want me to bring, the laundry?"

His reply is priceless, "Yes mommy, your job IS important. I want you to come in and talk about all the important stuff you do ...and you can even bring in that thing you use to make my bacon in."

Isn't that just wonderful? Isn't that all it takes to bring you out of your, "not so glamorous" pit? Afterall, us mommies are very important to those little ones. In fact, absolutely critical in their life. As I say in my profile, being a mommy is challenging, rewarding, and very important. Why can't I remember that every day? I also say there that I am a chef, laundress, nurse, etc. and those titles sound a whole lot better to me....but to THEM, those sweet, tender, wee ones we are raising, it's just as important sounding to be "the mommy who makes good grilled cheeses", "the mommy that washes my clothes", and "the mommy that kisses my boo-boos and puts a band-aid on it".

Perhaps not so glamorous, but important, yes indeed. And about the fashion, well, it just doesn't make any sense to do laundry in high heels, now does it? Yes, I could use a little help and motivation in this department to say the least, but I feel pretty confident that my children will not remember what I wore to cook their food, clean their clothes, or brush their hair...what I am certain of, however, is that they will remember me doing them, being there, and just loving them. And to them, I need to show them that I love what I do and that I think my job IS extremely important and exciting (even with no elephant rides....then again, there's always tomorrow).


wendymom said...

Oprah has made up a word for that a "shlumpadinka". I think I am one a lot of days. I find myself more and more not showering on days I am already out in sweats and a hat. Once the afternoon gets here, what's the point? So. . . . I have resigned myself to believe for this season of my life I am a shlumpadinka.

Anonymous said...

Now, "Shumpadkinka" is my new name. Thanks, I love it. I must have missed this Oprah while blogging!