Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Modern Day Fairytale

Does anyone else hate those big race car grocery carts? I mean, what seems like an ingenious idea to make grocery shopping entertaining for the kids, is actually just a major inconvenience for me. First of all, whoever made these could have put a little more thought into the handling of them. It is seriously like trying to push a refrigerator box around tight corners of the store. And after the weight of the kids in it and then the groceries themselves, it is like pushing a refrigerator box around with a refrigerator inside it!!! Not an easy task. And heaven forbid if you meet with another mom and HER over sized box on the same isle, because it's crazy to try to maneuver these things out of the way, and now you and that mother are looking at each other hoping the other will have the dexterity to get around you. It's insanity.

Today K, J and I went to do a little grocery shopping at the store that has the refrigerator boxes (oh, race car carts) and K loves these things! Only today I informed her that we could not get one because J's infant carrier doesn't fit on them and if I put him in the buggy part, then we would have no room for the groceries. It is then where K and I were not in agreement. She HAD to ride in one of those cars, but I had to buy food.....what is one to do? Oh, the tears came, the arguments, the "Why Mommy's" and I found myself doing what any self-respecting mother would do in this situation....bribe them. But, unfortunately that didn't work either. As I pushed my little grocery cart around the produce section (it was like driving the Lexus versus the 18 wheeler that I was used to) K just proceeded to carry on with tears and pleads...I explained and explained (very calmly too, I must admit) why she could not ride in that race car over and over again, until I almost came to my breaking point. And then, my knight in shining armor appears! T, knowing I was shopping, took his lunch break and met me at the store to help me shop. (I know!!! He's a keeper)

I was so glad to see him to help me out with this struggle I was having with little K, to help me explain, to help me discipline, and to help me teach a lesson. He took one look at K and said, "What's wrong, K?"
"I wanted to ride in a race car, " she responded with the most pitiful look on her face, looking up at her Daddy.
"Yes" I thought..."Help me out here, honey," as I put tomatoes into a bag and they walked off. "Good," I was thinking, "He'll go have a talk with her."
And he did what any good Daddy would do..........Went and got the biggest blue race car grocery cart and pushed K around in it!

Maybe not so much on the lesson learned here being, do not argue with your mother, or respect your mother and father. Instead, the lesson she learned today is her Daddy is her knight in shining armor too! He rescued her when she was sad and made it all better. Well...at least that's the way I'm looking at it today.

Princess K, her knight in shining armor, and her noble steed, the blue race car!

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wendymom said...

This was a great post. I totally agree about the shopping carts, I mean refrigerator boxes, I mean race cars. Ugh. That is a precious story.