Monday, March 17, 2008

Tornadoes to Squirrels

That's not a title your likely to see ever again.

I don't even know where to start. My weekend was eventful! Notice I didn't use the word, "exciting" but rather "eventful." Just a small series of random events that made this past weekend slightly more entertaining.

First of all, on Saturday morning I went shopping with my mother while T kept the kids. Now, we had storms moving in and T was not real happy that I was going, but I insisted that I would drive "to the city", shop quickly, and be home before the storms would come. Ok, that didn't happen. We did in fact leave early and shop quickly however, the storms did not stick to their plan and moved in quicker than had informed me. Not knowing how bad the storms were, my mom and I made our purchases, got in the car, and started heading directly toward the storms that were laced with several tornadoes. Looking very ominous I reached in my purse to call T only to see that I had missed 2 calls from him. I called him and needless to say, he was not real happy and he informed me that we were right in the middle of a city that a tornado was passing through right at that moment. We got off the interstate rather quickly and went into BIG LOTS and proceeded to wait out the storm for 2 hours!!! 2 BIG LOTS. There is only so much Easter basket stuff you can buy and that only took 10 minutes of the 2 hours! The remainder of that time we sat on their lovely patio furniture and waited until it was safe to go home. Well, we made it home just fine. I did get a lot of "I told you so's" and a few nasty looks, but I was just glad we were I was willing to overlook it.

On Sunday my girls were playing outside with the neighbors and just as I was dozing off on the couch, M and the neighbor run in and say, "Mom, something really bad happened!" I immediately panicked! "Where is K?!" I ask quickly...."Is K ok!?"...Pause...confusion..."Yeah, she's fine, but my purple croc is stuck up on the roof.".............

Later that day we noticed a baby squirrel lying in grass, obviously wounded, and couldn't really move. (Now, we are all animal lovers in this house big time!) The girls saw and asked a million questions and it broke all of our hearts. T goes and gets his work gloves and takes the baby squirrel and puts him on the tree where I thought they lived (and to get it off the ground so our dog wouldn't bother it). Here is a picture of little squirrel:

The tiny squirrel was crying, sounding a lot like a chirping bird, for his mommy, and I swear he(or she?) had real tears coming out of his eyes! T would gently stroke it's back with his gloved finger and it would stop crying. This went on for about 2 squirrel crying, us checking on it. There had been no sign of another squirrel in our yard all day!

Then about 2 hours after first rescuing the baby squirrel I said, "T look!" and pointed to the mommy squirrel. We stayed completely still and watched as that mommy squirrel climbed up that tree, grabbed up that baby in her jaw, climbed and jumped tree to tree and put that baby back in her nest (which happened to be the tree under which we were sitting). Oh, such joy in my heart to see that happen! Then, mommy came back out of her nest, went right back to where the baby had been, looked all around...I think honestly trying to figure out what had happened and how her baby got over there. It was like you could see that she was really investigating the situation. Well, what happened next you will call us kooky for,but if you could have been there and seen would believe me. That momma squirrel climbed and jumped tree to tree again, back over to the tree we were under and we sat completely still again watching her. She climbed every branch lower and lower, to the closest branch to us then she peered over the limb and looked at us...(I mean, in the eyes)..sat there a second and she ran back up to her nest. T looked at me, and I at him, both of us had this look on our face like, "ugh, did that really just happen?", and finally T said, "I seriously think she just came over and said 'thank you' ," and I agreed. Wow. It's neat that our little family helped out another of God's families today. We came in, feeling just a "wow" feeling and on the tv was Carrie Underwood singing at the Grand Ole Opry and the song she was singing was "How Great Thou Art." T and I just looked at each other...again. We definitely experienced a "God moment" . It couldn't have been more clear to either of us.

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This was a good one, thanks for sharing your adventure