Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perfectly Ordinary

My friend often compares the everyday routine to the movie Groundhog Day and sometimes I feel the same. Breakfast, carpools, homework, dinner, dishes, laundry, bedtime routines. Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty in the everyday tasks and often even dread.

Take a minute (or 7) and watch this video.....May I never complain again about tangles in curly-unruly hair, or the Barbies scattered all over the floors. I hope I can cherish the dirty handprints on my walls and muddy shoes brought through my house instead of getting angry. More importantly, I hope I can see the beauty and the memories in the "perfectly ordinary" days.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Next time I will cut my celery smaller

Isn't it funny how God will use one circumstance in your life to prepare you for another. I never in a million years thought that the time I stuck the blue bead up my nose would somehow prepare me for an experience 31 years later.

As Sophia would begin,....Picture it. Small town, yellow house, 1978, a young girl and her big sister....There I was in my sister's room, about 5 years old, going through her sewing basket. She had the neatest sewing basket with all kinds of little scraps of fabric, colored thread and tiny beads. She was very creative. She made most of our Barbie clothes and furniture just by using household items. I'll never forget that. I'll also never forget this particular day. So, I was going through her sewing basket and I found a tee-tiny blue bead. I decided to be funny. I stuck the bead right at my nostril and called for my sister to look. She did. She laughed. I laughed. I sucked the bead (accidentally) up my nose. Far. I panicked. My sister's eyes were as big as saucers looking at me. She was quick thinking though and told me to put one finger on the other nostril to close it and blow really hard. I did. Hard. That blue bead shot right out of my nose and hit the opposite wall of her bedroom. I'm not sure what we did after that..laugh or cry. Can't remember that part, but I'll never forget shooting that blue bead out of my nose that day.

How did this prepare me for later?...Picture it. Small town, white house, mom and her 2 year old son eating lunch. I gave J some chicken salad, tomatoes, and grapes for lunch yesterday. (Isn't this weird that he likes food like this?) I stuck him in his chair to eat and I went back to work on the computer to finish my last file for the day. All of a sudden, I hear a cry from J. An "I'm hurt" cry. I run into the room and his little eyes are watering. I see chicken salad coming from his nose. "Oh no he didn't," I thought. I got a paper towel, held the opposite nostril and said, "Blow J". He did. I retrieved a little chicken. "Blow again J. Hard." He did, and when he did a big piece of celery descended down his passage to his nostril. "Oh no he didn't," I thought again. In fear that he would get upset, cry and suck it back up again, I quickly told him to "Blow" again. This time I was able to get my fingernails and grasp the piece of celery and wedge it out of his nostril.
Whew! No trips to the ER to retrieve celery from the nose!

Not exactly the same story because the celery didn't shoot across the room like my blue bead did, but it did help me to remain calm and know what to do. (I'm sure any moron could have figured out what to do as well, but it makes for a story)

There are so many stories I could tell about J. Every single day, many times a day, this little curious boy does something crazy. I am not prepared for most of them that's for sure, but I can say that life is always exciting (sometimes frustrating) with this little guy around! It's an adventure every day.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas here at our house. It might be my favorite Christmas so far. The 3 kids seem to be at great ages (9,6, and 2) and it just made for a very fun Christmas morning. I wish I could capture the magic and the joy and have that every Christmas.

Both girls got American Girls and some other requests. J got his few items and more on his wish list as well. The weeks leading up to Christmas if you asked J if Santa was going to come see him, he would say, "Yes," and then just start repeating over and over the same few things,"Choo-choo, twuck, boat." It was the most precious thing!

A few Christmas memories:

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have a lot to catch up on here including our Christmas. Pictures and posts will follow, but I couldn't help but share in our joy today. Here in Northwest Ga we are experiencing the rare snow flurries and we actually have had a little (teeny tiny) bit of accumulation. My kids are thrilled and we are enjoying it so much. I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of my kids as well as neighbors that were enjoying the scenery this afternoon. Poor K attempted a snow angel on the little bit of snow that had collected in our driveway. It actually looked like an angel. I have no idea what they would do if they had the opportunity to play in actual INCHES of snow!

My Dad and step-mother are feeling sorry for us I am sure, as they have over 2 feet of snow currently in Vermont. I think it's time I take my kids for some frolic in VT snow soon!