Thursday, March 6, 2008

Any Girl Scouts Reading?

Ok. How does my house get overlooked by the little girls in green jumpers? I've been informed that Girl Scout cookies are out and NOBODY came a knockin' at my door selling them. How does THAT happen!? Oh my, I'm dreaming of some Tagalongs or some Thin Mints, but none in the house. This is what I want to know,... Are girl scout cookies only good because you can only have them once a year or are they truly THAT good? I'm thinking the Tagalongs are by far the best cookie i've ever put in my mouth...oh, the smooth peanut butter and chocolate ...just thinking of them makes my mouth water!

Apparently my hubby, T, expressed my deepest disappointment about me missing out on the girl scout cookies to his ladies at work. Well, out of pure sympathy I now have 1 box of shortbread cookies (i like these alot too). They were graciously given to me by one of his co-workers. Praise the Lord for at least one box! Thank you M for that box! Tomorrow, I assume I will be yet again without girl scout cookies, afterall, do a box of girl scout cookies really last more than ONE DAY!? I'm seriously hoping without all that peanut butter and chocolate that these shortbread cookies are the "low calorie" option of the choices. My thighs will let you know in about a week...stay tuned.

Be informed all you Girl Scouts....I am a sucker for some cookies. You didn't make it to my house this year, and trust me on this, my thighs do thank you for that. Next year, however, just know you have a willing customer that will by several boxes of your sweet cookies for your club. Come one, come all...I WILL buy.

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