Sunday, March 9, 2008


51. good times with good friends

52. seeing little children excited about
pretty snowflakes falling from the sky

53. a warm place to be on a cold, snowy

54. to be able to put my son in my Dad's
arms after 4 long months and to
see the pride in his face as he
looks at how much his grandson has

55. a salad dressing do die for that
only A. can make from a family
recipie passed down (and one which
she won't tell) Mmmmmmm

56. a hot bath and a few minutes

57. giggles from little girls
playing in the next room

58. squeals of joy from my baby
boy who loves to be naked

59. hearing the loud belly laughter
from the kids while being tickled
by their grandfather

60. a baby that finally is sleeping
10 hours at night

61. snuggling with my sweet K in her
twin size bed, tickling, holding,
keeping each other warm...savoring
the moment

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