Friday, March 14, 2008

Nothing Much of Anything

I really didn't do much this week. Nothing really exciting, but I did keep myself busy the past 5 days (since Sun night). Here is a little sample of what all I did:

--Woke up 5 times at 4 or 5 am to give a baby a bottle
--Woke up at 7 am, that really felt like 6 am all week,
to get one child dressed, fed, tangled hair brushed,
teeth brushed, and sent off to school.
--Made 5 lunches for a lunchbox and 5 lunches
for K at home
--Cooked or put together 5 dinners (hot dogs,
grilled cheeses, pizza, vegetables, grilled chicken)
--Did at least 13 loads of laundry (with the
help of my sweet, sweet husband)and I'm pretty sure
5 of those loads were bibs!
--Started and remained on a diet for the
past 5 days
--Read several books to little ears
--played "drive-up window/fast food" with
K at least 20 times!
--Cleaned the kitchen 5 times, loaded the dishwasher
at least a dozen times
--Got myself dressed in my holey sweatshirt and pink
crocs 4 times...actually put on tennis shoes and a
NON-holey shirt to go to bible study on Tuesday!
--Prayed with dear friends on Tuesday and could just
feel God in the room there with us
--Witnessed an answered prayer twice this week
--Helped with homework and CRCT practice 4 times,
(got frustrated 4 times).
--Answered a pretend telephone and talked to pretend
people at least 10 times
--Answered the real telephone and talked to real
people too many times to mention.
--Got to sleep with the man of my dreams 5 nights (ooh, la, la)
seeing if you are still paying attention...had to make
it exciting
--prepared and gave 25 bottles (150 oz of formula) which
equates to about $25 (that kind of makes it sound cheap,
but to say $100 per month..whoa)
--Tucked in 3 kids 5 times (or probably more like 10, if
you count the "one more drink of water" or "one more
hug, mommy?" tactics)
--Looked at my husband at least a dozen times and thought
to myself, "I am so lucky to have someone like him"
--Processed at around 25 files on the computer
--Blogged or read a blog too many times to mention
--Disagreed with what M was wearing to school 5 times.
--Burnt lima beans in a pot once....but, unfortunately
we are still smelling it!
--Kissed boo-boos, gave encouraging words, hugged, kissed,
snuggled, smiled, laughed with my kids and husband. (and
that my friend was the best thing
I did all week)

Just a few things, but nothing much of anything.

A friend of mine, and fellow blogger(thanks M) had a post like this and I loved it! I, in fact, told her I was stealing the idea for a post of mine. I think EVERY mom, or really anybody, should do this every so often to realize how much they do. I don't know how many times a friend has asked, "What did you do this week?," and my response is always, "Nothing." I think you can see that most likely that is never the case.

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