Thursday, December 17, 2009


So apparently our Elf, "Pointy", is a blog reader. He got this idea from "Otto" over at Lotts of Scotts.

I was slightly disappointed that our elf was influenced by his peers. For you see our elf was not a mischievous elf, the kind that makes messes and plays tricks. We didn't read that in our Elf On The Shelf book. However, all the other kids, or elves rather, are doing it, so ours felt led to fit in. Peer pressure is a real thing I tell you.

I think that might be the one and only "trick" he will play this Christmas season. I can at least allow one ever season I guess, but I would much rather see him just find a cute spot to land after he returns home from the night before and my kids try to find him.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's Play A Little Catch Up

This year has been challenging on so many different levels.

First, my oldest daughter, M was diagnosed in February with a type of epilepsy. We are thankful that it is nothing more serious, but we still wish we could take it away.

Also affecting M, was the loss of her assistant principal, and best friend's mother, Jill, in the summer. That brought along a lot of changes for the school year. Her best friend no longer attends the same school and quite frankly within the past 2 years she has lost several really good friends because they moved away. This was a big blow, though, and it's been a hard first half of the school year because of it.

Earlier in the year I learned that I have some kidney problems. Actually, not really problems, but a type of kidney disease. Once again, we are thankful that it isn't anything more serious. The doctor said that usually people aren't ever even diagnosed with this because they never know they have it. She also said that usually nobody with it ever loses kidney function and they live a normal life. The doctor will monitor me every year making sure everything is still working properly.

Recently, we learned that my mother in law had breast cancer. Thankfully it was self detected very early. She has had a lumpectomy about a week ago and will begin radiation very soon. The doctors are very optimistic that she won't even need chemotherapy for treatment. We are all relieved with the good news, but still trying to settle down from the dreaded "C" word.

Again, we are so very thankful that all of these things have turned out to be ok and that we are all (relatively) healthy. It just seems as if worry has been a big part of my life this year waiting for news for all of these things. I know that God is in control and that I shouldn't worry, but that is very hard for me. God is good, and He has helped carry us through all of these things this year. I am being optimistic that 2010 will be a better year, with less worry and more good news.

The holidays are upon us, my shopping is just about done and my Christmas decorations are hung. I am sitting tonight feeling very overwhelmed with thankfulness and looking forward to this Christmas season with my family.