Friday, October 31, 2008

God Is So Good

For an update on MckMama and baby Stellan go to her blog and see her little miracle baby. Truly amazing. God is so good.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scooping Out the Pulp

We have a book that we love reading this time of year. A precious aunt gave it to the girls last fall and we have enjoyed reading it so much. It is called, My Happy Pumpkin God's Love Shining Through Me and the author is Crystal Bowman. The book tells the story of a farmer carefully planting his pumpkin seed, watering it, pulling out the weeds, and watching it grow. Then the story tells about scooping away the "pulp and slop", throwing it away, carving the jack-o-lantern and putting in the light.

I found this book to be a great example of the way God nurtures us. How He carefully plants the seed, watches us grow, cleans out the mess and the "slop", and puts his light in us.

I am thankful for the simple reminders of how God loves us, takes care of us, and "scoops out our slop" to make us more like Him. And I am thankful to be able to share this hope with my children as we carve our pumpkins tonight.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prayers for MckMuffin

I have enjoyed for months reading MckMama's blog. She is one incredible mom of beautiful children, "Big Mac", "MckNugget", and "Small Fry" and soon to be "MckMuffin" that is expected to arrive today. Baby Stellan (aka "MckMuffin) has had his MckMama worried in the womb as he has had some complications with an enlarged heart. So many people are praying for baby Stellan and his family...would you do it to?

There is a prayer vigil throughout the day that another blogger has set up if you wish to do that, otherwise, just whisper a prayer for them this morning if you could.

(And by the way, if you check out MckMamas site, be sure to check out how many people have used clever ways to spell Stellan. Pretty cool idea.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wild West Day

Today is Wild West Day at K's school so she dressed up like a cowgirl. This is one sassy, trendy, princess cowgirl if I ever saw one (complete with tiara)!

Who knew cowgirls wore pink boots, fur trimmed sweaters and cowgirl hats with sparkles and tiaras??

Pumpkin Patch & Dairy Farm

Here are a few pictures of K's visit to the dairy farm and pumpkin patch, complete with a hay ride, picnic and corn maze. It was a beautiful fall day and K and I spent good quality one on one time together.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Today is a very cold, dark, and rainy day in my area. The kind of day that makes it so difficult to peel yourself out of the bed in the morning and go about your normal routine and daily activities.

Most of the time when the weather is gloomy, like today, my emotions and mood seem to be gloomy as well. Not today. Today, I am thankful to have a day that forces me to be inside, snuggle with my daughter under a warm blanket and read a book to her, or to put on my favorite fuzzy socks that warm my toes. My house just seems so comfortable, cozy today. Today I am thankful for my house, and today, I am thankful for the inclement weather that forces me to slow down and breathe a little, soaking in the warmth of a home, the warmth of a snuggle, and the warmth of God's hands around my little family. Today is cozy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday K

(Don't forget to turn off my music player at the bottom of the page)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not So Berry Sweet Today

My 2nd child, K, is usually very easy to please. She has a great disposition. She is a people pleaser. She has a sweet nature about her. She is usually so very obedient. I say, "usually" because today she shocked me...

We were just about to head out to get M from school, when K asks if she could have some strawberries for a snack. We were rushed, so I told her that she would have to wait until we came back home from getting her sister. Usually this would have resulted in her saying, "Ok, mommy," but instead it resulted into a little meltdown for her.

K: "I want strawberries!"

Me: K, you will have to wait."

K: Crying, tears, stomping of feet, "I want strawberries now. It will take too long!"

Me: "K, don't talk to Mommy like that. You are not being very nice....Watch Out."

(By now we were on our way, driving to the ever dreaded car pool line.)

K: "But I want strawberries! Turn around the car. I want strawberries!" she continued.

(I am growing very inpatient myself at this point)

Me: "K, do you want me to pull over this car and give you a spanking?"


K: "I wish your Daddy was here right now...I wish Grandfather was with us in this car."

(Oh, I know where she is going with this. She is wishing MY dad were here to give ME the spanking! And he very well might if he reads this post..)

Me: "Why?"

K: "Because I love him, that's why."

I think she realized that the ugliness she had been displaying wasn't getting her anywhere, so she was trying to turn it around to being sweet and loving again. (Finally, my old K back)

So about two whole minutes passed of quietness. No more tears. No more fussing. Ahhhhh...this felt nice. Peace. And then from the backseat...

"I STILL want strawberries."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time To Vent

Sometimes I wish that I had one blog that people knew about and read, and another that was a secret one where I didn't have to be nice and polite all the time. (Don't even try to pretend that you don't wish the same thing for yourself!) I have some venting to do, and given the fact that this is NOT a secret to many of my friends and family (including a grandmother) I will remain as sweet and polite as I can. So here goes:

About 4 weeks ago, let me stress that one more time...F O U R WEEKS! ago, we hired a contractor to do some minor home improvements. A new front door, new attic stairs, and what we like to call our "indoor deck" replaced with something other than an "indoor deck" (long story..and not the point). The job started off well. Demolition was a success, front door and attic stairs were replaced within a day or so. Now FOUR WEEKS later, we are still at the same point!

Case in Point #1..Our front door. Here is the door that has not even been painted black yet.

Here is the weather stripping for my front door LAYING ON MY BUSHES!!! I'm sure the neighbors are loving us right now!

Here is why I haven't been able to pull my car under the carport for a whole month! (again, neighbors must think this looks good!)

Here is the kicker: We haven't heard from our contractor in over a week! We have tried to call on several occasions. My husband has gone by his shop many times and returned calls, no showing up at my house. We have gone from angry to concerned, and back to angry! Furthermore, the majority of his tools are in my house or in my carport. I guess that's the bright side..we might could sell his tools to finish our job if he doesn't show up in a couple of days. The obvious downside is that I have a really big mess around my house and I'm sick of it!

I vow to you, if I find out this guy has skipped town with a good chunk of my $$ and is now drinking margaritas in Mexico on a sugar sand beach, I will not be polite ANYMORE!

UGHHHHHHH!!!! SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! Thanks for letting me vent!
(I don't feel much better though. Maybe it's because everything is STILL a mess!)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sensei T

Big sisters can be so mean sometimes. The other night, apparently, M had been telling her little sister, K, about burglars. As I tucked K in bed, she informed me that she was scared of burglars. She asked if we had burglars in our town. I somewhat dodged the question, so as not to add to her fears, and so I told her that God would protect her and so would her daddy. She seemed comforted enough, so I turned out the lights, gave her a kiss, and was leaving her room when she said, " Mommy?"

me:"Yes, honey?"

K:"Does Daddy know Karate moves?"

me:Smile, giggle...."Yep, he sure does. You have nothing to worry about, I promise."

I know it's wrong to lie, but sometimes you just have to go along with it because it's so darn cute! Especially when they think their Daddy is a strong, karate master, "can do anything" kind of guy. I love it that they see their dad so strong and mighty...and he IS, even IF he doesn't know "karate moves."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

25 things to describe my Dad


bulldog fan

..and best of all...FATHER.

I love you Dad. Happy Birthday. You are an not only an inspiration, but also a great contributor of my joy in life. You mean the world to me.