Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunshine Cottage Here We Come!

I think that half the fun of going on vacation is preparing to leave. I enjoy making lists of things to pack, things to buy, and things to do before we leave. To me it adds in the fun and anticipation of the trip itself. The past couple of years I have not been able to do those things. I have to work so hard to do everything for work so I can be off for a week that I find myself stressed to the max trying to get the work done and then forced to pack under pressure. That's probably why on our last weekend getaway I forgot to pack my underwear and my toothbrush! Those things are pretty important items and not easy to forget, but somehow I did just that! Luckily those are also items that you can buy anywhere, so no worries, I did purchase those necessities while on our trip!

This week has been the same as usual. Rushing, stressed, leaving only a small window of time to pack my family of five and be on our way by Saturday morning. I have one more day left and so many things to still do. Should I be I should be doing laundry, getting toiletries together, packing sand toys and bathing suits. I could be getting a pedicure or going to get my license renewed. (WHY OH WHY didn't I listen to my husband and do it over the Internet before it was too late!?) Instead, I find myself behind the computer catching up on favorite blogs and writing a post, somehow hoping to decompress and get my second wind.

With all that being said, in less than 2 days I will have my toes tickled by white sandy beaches and my skin soaking in the sun (HOPEFULLY!). Time to relax. Time to get away. Time to have fun. Time to recognize the beauty. Time to be still. Time to make memories with my kids. Time for the beach! (Oh...and somehow time to keep up with my 20 month old son on the beach!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mustang Memories

May 19, 1990. What wasn't to like?: tall, dark hair, slender build, beautiful eyes, a great smile, and a cool car. Nineteen years ago today I met my husband, set up on a blind date by some friends of ours. We were two kids meeting for the first time, not knowing where God would take us. This journey and life with T has been wonderful, but not always blissful. We have had our share of heart-aches, head-aches, sorrows and fights, but we have had so much more of laughter, love, joy, and excitement. It's amazing to think that God knew on that very first night that we would be embarking on a road together that would take us this far, and that he even had 3 little people in mind that we were to bring into this world together.

I am so happy that God had plans for us and a future together. We are much different people than we were back then, but the memories aren't far away....2 teenagers with the top down, wind in the hair, good music, on a country road with a whole lot of time on our hands. Those were good times then and great memories, but life is even sweeter now. I love you T!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Mother's Love

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