Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lady and the Tramp

Tonight T and are going out! I don't think I've been out, alone with my hubby, in over 6 months, and then I was miserably pregnant and probably just dying to come home and put on my pj's. Well, NOT tonight. My mom has agreed to babysit my 3 for a couple of hours to which I am so grateful. I am watching the clock tick already and it's only 9:48 am. Can you tell I'm extremely excited about going out?

Yesterday I explained to my kids that their Grandmother was going to babysit them Saturday night and M asked, "Why?"

"Because your Daddy and I are going on a date," I replied.

"O.K. I know what y'all need to do. You need to go somewhere and order spaghetti. When you get it, you share a noodle together, suck it up....and then you kiss," M says.

I wonder where she got this idea? Maybe from a certain Disney classic?
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Well, even so, it's still cute that to a seven year old this is her kind of romance. My how that will change as she grows older and has children...'cause my idea of romance these days would be a bubble bath, some candles, a good magazine and to be totally alone (sorry honey). OR, eight hours of uninterupted sleep would be even better. I clearly need to change my thinking on this within the next few hours, because a quiet dinner with my husband and good conversation sounds very romantic right now too.

Now, I just have to find something to wear ...better get started. That in itself could take all day.

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dawesomestar said...

How sweet! I hope ya'll had a great time! Dates are so important! I hope it was so romantic you can't even post about it!