Friday, March 7, 2008

True Love

We have the sweetest couple that live next door to us. They are in their early eighty's, I would presume, and they have been married for 60 years. You wouldn't know they are in their 80's either. They are very active and look great.

Well, the wife has had cancer now for over a year and she has refused anymore treatments. They are fine Christian people and know that God is in control and I think they are both at peace with that. But lately when I have seen him or heard him talk about her, it breaks my heart because you can just see the great sadness he has.

Recently, she has not been feeling well, in a great deal of pain and doesn't eat much of anything. They have had people in and out over there all day...preachers, family, etc. Apparently, everybody is offering to help. They have offered to make meals or sit with her so that the husband could have a break. He tells everyone "NO...I KNOW what she'll eat, how she likes it fixed, what she needs. I need to stay here with her." He won't let ANYONE, not even their daughter or grand-daughter stay with her as opposed to him. He doesn't want to leave her side and doesn't want anyone else taking care of her but him. How sweet is that? Doesn't it just break your heart?

Sixty years together. Now you just wait to be seperated, even if only briefly. I've heard of people dying of a "broken heart" before and don't know if it's true or not. I do know that if there ever were to be a case of this, it will happen to him. He seems to just live for her and would be totally lost without her.

What a sweet, sweet couple. What an example of true love and I'm thankful to have been able to see it and have the opportunity to watch the two of them over the years. I am also thankful that I too, married my true love. T and I will be faced with a similar situation one day and I think that is why this hits at my heart strings so much. To think about it is so sad. I would be losing a piece of myself.

Please pray for my neighbors...for her to be free of pain and for him, peace in knowing that when indeed they are eventually separated by death, that he can be comforted by knowing that he will soon be with her again.


scott said...

i am reminded of those words in Jn 13 concerning our glorious bridegroom and his faithfulness to his own: "He loved them to the end." (this statement actually stands as something of a heading to the record of the last week of Christ's sufferings) the stunning passion of our Lord and our God to undergo death for his bride in order that she might live, radiates beautifully in such dark hours of love's bond. And the love of God triumphs over death!!

liz, thanx for your blog

elizabeth said...

glad you found your way here!

i wish i had a way with words like you do. yes, you're so right. the passion of His love for us is the ultimate example of "true love"..glorious, overwhelming, humbling.

thanks for sharing that.