Thursday, March 13, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

It's no secret to most of you that K watches too much television. I know this and am trying to do better. It's just so easy when I am working for her to watch tv. I know (mom)...books, puzzles..(trust me, I hear you every day in my head)! Well, apparently because of all this TV time, she has learned a few important things from advertisements. Like the fact that I, apparently, need the Purse Bright Lighted Handbag Organizer, or that she needs the tikki hut that goes with her Hanna Montana barbie. Just a wealth of information!

Well, last night a commercial came on (one which she had obviously already seen) and K says, "Oh mommy, watch this. You really need this". I want you to know that it was a commercial for Aveeno Ageless Cream that promised to reduce fine lines and wrinkles! (Gulp...reality check)
Reluctantly I questioned her..."K, why does Mommy need that?"
"So your skin won't be icky," she responded.

I seriously hope she meant,"won't GET icky" instead of "be icky". To maintain any level of self image I may have, I'm convincing myself that she was only trying to prevent the aging process, not stop it. Nevertheless, I think I really might try this cream in fear that if I don't, I might look like this in a few years:

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Couldn't resist this picture! I thought it was hysterical.
You all have a happy day!

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