Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Remember

Recently I received an email, that I'm sure some of you got as well, about a girl of the 1970's. Wow, that was a fun email and it brought back a lot of great memories from my childhood. Either my sister or I experienced or had 99% of the things on that email! I started remembering even more things I had, or did as a young girl....

-I remember when Cabbage Patch Kids were Adoption Dolls.
(I also remember my doll's name was Clarissa Renee and my
sister's doll was Constance Aurora!)
-I remember playing hours on end with "Little People" that looked
a lot different then the Fisher Price version these days.
-I remember good tv shows like Mork & Mindy, The Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake,
and Care Bears (the originals!)
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-I remember as a pre-teen watching Silver Spoons, Different Strokes,
The Facts of Life and those wonderful After School Specials!
-I remember when John Bon Jovi looked like this:

-I remember the entertainment of my Barbie Colorforms.
-I remember making a homemade Barbie house with homeade
accessories: Shoeboxes were closets, Kleenex boxes made into
beds, tiny silk flowers in a tootpaste cap became a
nice table arrangement..oh, and the toothpaste cap also made
a nice shade for a lamp! Pictures cut out of magazines became
our Barbie's artwork that adorned her cardboard box walls.
-I remember when you couldn't purchase a Barbie Pool, like you
can now, but instead I would dig a hole in my backyard, line it
with a plastic bag, and fill it with water. My Barbie enjoyed many
vacations in her yellow camper in my backyard with Ken, who
at the time actually looked like a man!
-I remember my beloved red,yellow, and blue Big Wheel. I started
at the top of our hill, pedal as fast as I could, turn into my
driveway, pull up the brake on the side and skid all the way
across the slick garage floor.
-I remember thinking I would marry Kirk Cameron

-I remember seeing E.T. at the theater!
-I remember Christmas Eve, my sister and I wore matching
silk, red, pinoir sets.(Bless her heart... she was probably
12 and I was 4!)
-I remember SNOW DAYS, complete with SNOW!
-I remember making friendship pins for my Treetorns and making
friendship bracelets by the dozen.
-I remember writing on the sides of my Treetorns things like,
"I heart T.W." or something like that, as tacky as that is!
-I remember shopping for Guess and Esprit and shopping at
-I remember when it was cool to wear a Coca-Cola rugby and
pegged jeans.
-I remember wearing duck boots and polo plaid shirts during
the "preppy stage".

The list could go on and on! Most importantly, I remember when all I had to worry about were these things listed above. Life gets a little bit more complicated as you grow older. I wouldn't trade being a grown-up for the world (as long as I can stop it at 35?) but it's nice to take a trip down memory lane every once in a while.

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