Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Even More Gifts

The following is a quote from Ann over at Holy Experience about her 1000 gift list. She has a way with words. This is part of the reason I was so inspired to do one myself:

"Too often I miss Him, oblivious, blind. I don't see all the good things that He is giving me, gracing me with, brushing my life with. True, He is everywhere, always. But maybe, before The Gift List, I thought of Him as further off, not so close. When I started to see all the things that I love bestowed upon me, I started to see Him as near, present, everywhere, showering me with good things. Seeing the tings that I love all around me gives me eyes to see that I am loved, that He loves me."

She proceeds to say that in looking for the gifts she has gotten to know herself a little more. The things that she loves is part of her identity... I think this is so true. Obviously what I might see as a gift, something I love, might not be cherished by another. It is fun to do this list, but I have to say, very challenging as well. I am so glad that I set my goal at 100 instead of 1,000. Not that God hasn't given me a million gifts, but to try to notice them, not sound weird, and to try and not be redundant is rather difficult.

Here are a few more of my gifts/loves that come to mind:

36. The way K says "hotel"...she pronounces it "Ho-Tail"
and when corrected she says, "Ho-tel-a" So cute

37. J's long eyelashes and pudgy cheeks

38. having a brother and a sister

39. silver streaks at my husband's temples

40. 10 years of living with my best friend & sweetheart

40. the back of K's delicate, feminine, pretty

41. memories of my PapaJ loving the back of my neck (just as
I love K's)

42. memories of my Mom's purple velour zip-up robe (there
was nothing softer to hug on)

43. a sweet pet, always glad to see you

44. watching the excitement that our kids and dog have
when "Daddy" pulls up after a days work

45. unexpected morning kisses

46. family photographs that capture a moment in time

47. the comfortableness with a best friend

48. laundry being caught up (well, almost caught up)

49. a sunny and warm afternoon that gives you energy
and motivates you (because afterall, bathing suit season
is ONLY 3 months away. )

50. sunshine from a bottle that gives you that fresh sun-kissed
glow without all the worry of skin cancer! (plus it's fast)

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