Friday, February 15, 2008

Here today...Gone tomorrow.

Remember those pretty yellow daffodils that M placed carefully on our table..and the ones that have "bloomed too early but remind me that spring is just around the corner?" Remember those? I have obviously been enjoying them. Well, out of about 100 that were beautifully blooming, full of color and fragrance, welcoming you on the side of our driveway, I now have maybe 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!! I could probably choose some very colorful language to use here, but since family likes to view my posts, then I'll refrain and keep my cool, which is a lot more than I did when I discovered all my springtime little flowers in a heap in my driveway. M and her neighborhood buddies (or punks) apparently pulled up virtually e-v-e-r-y single one! Oh, and "because they told her to." Hey, that's a good reason, don't you think? I even heard myself yelling, "If they jumped off a bridge, would you?" Did I actually say that!? Im not in the best of moods this evening due to the recent loss of my little yellow friends, so that's about all of a post that I can muster tonight.

I think M and I need to have a long talk about peer pressure if this is any indication that she is going to do anything anyone tells her to do. (except me, of course, who had told her 3 times not to pick those little suckers without my permission) We have some learning to do!

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