Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Angel

K is our second born and second daughter. Her sister named her "Lolly" before she was born and called her that for several months after she arrived. Well, K came into this world totally at peace and comfortable. From my best recollections, I'm pretty sure she slept through the night at just a few weeks old. She rarely cried as a baby, as a matter of fact she once had an ear infection and I didn't know until a routine doctors appointment. I didn't know because she wasn't fussy or anything. Always content, an angel from the start.

K is now 4 years old and still that sweet angel. She is my peace-maker, the eager to please child, the understanding one. Now, she has learned to defend herself, so she too does have her moments with her sister, but immediately after they argue, she will be the first to apologize and give a hug. She wakes up every morning with a smile and a hug for you and I love to hear her go up to J first thing in the morning and say, "Good morning little J, good morning." How sweet is that?

K is also our deep thinker. T and I distinctly remember watching a movie with the girls when K was only about 2 years old...maybe even 1 and a half. In the movie the characters are on a train and they are stuck because they have run out of train track (I think this is what happened..don't hold me to it). A normal child at that age would say, "uh, oh" or "They're stuck." Instead K looks at all of us and says, "They need help." Now this might not sound like much, but Im telling you at the time, we just looked at each other and knew she was going to be a problem solver, a deeper thinker.

With coal black hair (that she is very proud of by the way) light green eyes and an olive complexion, she too is a beauty. Some people say she looks like me, but they're just being nice. Somehow all three of my children have come out looking just like their dad, which despite all my very hard work with 3 c-sections and a total of 27 months of pregnancy, I am very happy that they do. K's outside beauty is equally matched by her sweet disposition and beautiful soul.

K too is growing faster than I would like. Although there are no signs of a toddler anymore, there is one thing that she hasn't been willing to part with and that is her elephant blankie. I have to admit, it's dirty, raggedy, and even one ear is beginning to fall off....but I will be just as sad as she to see that little blankie disappear one day. Somehow if she still has that, she stays young. Speaking of growing up, K said the other night, "Mommy, I know what I want to be when I grow up."

"What, sweetie?," I asked.

"A Mommy," she responded.

I couldn't think of any greater job for her and I can't think of any greater compliment for me. Sweet, Angel, K...and my baby girl.

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