Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seeing People

T and I had a conversation the other night that really made me think (dangerous...I know) I had gone to our neighborhood convenient store for a few things and when I returned he asked me, "Was it Carol or Mary..Or was it Steve working?" (I have changed the names not necessarily for protection but because I honestly am unsure of the names...which is EXACTLY the point of this blog) My reply was, "I ..uh...I don't know. I don't know their names. How do you?" Ty couldn't believe I didn't know the workers by name at a convenient store that we probably go in at least twice a week. I had never really paid attention, never really went any further than making my purchases with maybe a "thank you" and a "have a nice day." He not only proceeded to tell me their names, but told me details about each person. Like, "You know Carol, she really has some health problems...." I was stunned that he knew these people that well. He said to me, "They're people too E." Stab in the gut.

How in the world have I not noticed people the way T has? I guess I thought I was polite and no need for anything else. Not true. He knows these people not as just store clerks, but as people with real problems, joys, bad days, good days, etc. What a good guy T is for "seeing people" the way he stop and ask, "how has your week been?"..or whatever that might bring up conversation that leads you to really get to know someone.

There are so many times I overlook things, people. Not really seeing their hurts, their needs, etc. How many people would have benefitted from me simply stopping and asking something, probing a little deeper? Could I have somehow made their day a little better by offering some encouraging words if I knew what was going on with them? I think we tend to even do this to family and friends, not just strangers. Who is hurting deep inside, or dealing with an issue and you have no idea? Shouldn't we all be a little bit more like T and really "see people", know people, be there for people? I think we all fall short of this all the time, not just me (well, I hope I'm not the only one). I would like to try and get better about new mission..."SEE People."

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