Friday, February 8, 2008

Its A Boy!

The most recent addition to our family is J, our son. That still sounds weird to me. A baby boy. A whole new territory for us. I mean, you have to be careful with those little suckers...I have learned to change a diaper at lightning speed get in and out really quick and if you don't you are likely to take a warm shower, if you catch my drift. All new experience for me as a mother, but I don't think I could have planned it any better myself..first 2 little girls and then a boy.

The day we went for our ultrasound, I think T and I just assumed it would be another girl, although we really wanted a little boy. Then the ultrasound technician said, "Oh, and by the way, It's a Boy." T and I both let out a little gasp and my tears started rolling. I explained to the tech that I really would've been happy either way, but oh, I was so excited it was a boy! Needless to say, the nursery was painted baby blue and filled with little boy stuff. We were both so excited.

The day J came into the world was so great. His big sisters were so excited wearing their hand made "big sister" shirts and arriving at the hospital that morning at 5 am right along with us. He came out looking just like a boy. It was amazing. I don't know why, but he just looked like a boy, and just like his daddy as a matter of fact (once again). The nurses took him out into the hall where grandparents and big sisters were waiting. M just cried when she saw him. She was just overcome with emotion....she too desperately wanted a baby brother. The first few weeks of J's life I had a lot of mommies in the house! M just wanted to hold him and feed him and K wanted to brush his hair. A real live baby doll for them!

J is now 4 months old. He is a "textbook" baby. He cries when he is hungry or tired. He has slept in his own bed from the day we came home and he has just come right into our home and fit in so nicely....he seems content and comfortable here (despite all the hair brushing by K!) He is growing like crazy. It seems like yesterday that he was a little infant/peanut in my arms and now he is ready to roll over, eat food and soon to be sitting up.

God has a sense of humor though to have given us our boy last. Im going to be 52 years old when he graduates from High School! Oh my. I'm not sure if I'm going to have the energy to keep up with a high strung, into everything little boy. His daddy, a former high school basketball player and all around good athlete, now has a bad back, a bad leg, and two bad ankles....not sure if he'll be able to "hang" with the little man either! I know God's plan is best..even if that was so that we would have a strong boy to help us get around.

I am so blessed to have a son. There is definitely something different about the bond between a mother and a son. Not sure if I know exactly why, but I do already have the sense that I will be extremely jealous of the little girl that steals him away from me one day. He's my little man, and right now I can do nothing wrong in his eyes..I'm his whole world and to be completely honest I rather like that feeling...who wouldn't?

I look forward to watching my little guy grow up. I know I will have to deal with dead frogs, muddy shoes and stinky clothes, but as long as he loves me a little of the way he does right now...then no problem. (I don't know....I could live without the dead frogs!)

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