Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do You See God?

George Strait sings a song "I Saw God Today" and it's great. I'm a big fan of country music anyway, but , oh, this one is good and it really makes you think. In the song he sings about seeing God through daily things, a birth of a daughter, a flower sprouting out of concrete. God leaves fingerprints all over, do you stop to notice them? Do I? I call them "God moments"..those times you just see something and think, "Wow! That's amazing" and only done by something way bigger than you. Those "fingerprints" are all over our every day lives, and yet most of the time they go un-noticed, or at least overlooked as not that miraculous, that special.

I think God is intentionally putting stuff, throwing things in our face, wanting us to give due thanks and gratitude, yet we often are so caught up with "life" that we just seem to see it and move on, without a real thought about it. When did we get in such a hurry? When did we become so caught up with ourselves and what WE can DO that we overlook the awesomeness of our God and what he has created for us all around us? It's not like God said, it was done, and then he set this big thing in motion and then just forgot about it....HE IS, HE DOES..present tense.

I know everyone might stop and see a rainbow, a waterfall, a sunset or sunrise, a massive ocean, a beautiful moon and say, "Wow. Thanks, God." But do you see it in the little things? Do you see it in the pudgy little baby fingers grasping for a pacifier, a new sprout of grass growing up through the weeds, or through the wrinkles of an old woman's face? Do you see it there? Or even harder, can we find God in the dirty dishes, the basket full of soiled laundry...Do we stop to thank him then for the plates to eat off of and the clothes that cover our back?

I want to see God more in the little things, including the soiled laundry and piles of dishes. I want to perform these things with a joyful heart so that others can Him through me...most especially my 3 children. Just something deep I was thinking about today.

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