Thursday, February 14, 2008

Things I Love & I am Grateful for

11. and occasional afternoon nap that rejuvinates
the body and soul

12. the warmth of the sun on your face

13. daffodils, blooming too early, but reminding you that
spring is just around the corner

14. Little hands to hold

15. "morning hugs" from K

16. The opportunity to be able to work from
my home

17. The combination of a hot cup of coffee, a cool morning,
favorite furry socks, and some quiet time.

18. Hot soup on a cold, wet day

19. God's forgiveness and grace

20. Tender hearts of children

21. A mom's hug that nourishes the soul

22. Good friends that listen, relate, and care

23. Hand-made Valentines crafted out of love and made
by small hands

24. Kisses on the forehead from my husband

25. "God Moments"..those times when you see something
(like a sunset or a rainbow) and you stop to savor
in it and say, "Thank you for that today"

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