Saturday, February 23, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Sorry to the handful of people that read this blog that I have not posted in a while. I have been in a Nyquil haze for the past few days and was scared of what I might write while under the influence.

It was maybe two weeks ago that I wished I could just have a "sick day" and be able to lie in my bed, watch tv, take naps.....whatever I wanted to do. I wanted this to have a "me" day, a day to rejuvinate and re-charge so to speak. Well, I MEANT I wanted a PRETEND sick day, not a REAL ONE!

Wednesday morning I woke up with Madelyn around 3 am with one of her night terrors. I knew then that I was sick. Wednesday and Thursday I was totally out of commission. T took care of the children, laundry, dishes, EVERYTHING. I was worthless. Fever, chills, aches and pains, coughing, runny nose, ...YUCK! We thought briefly it was the flu, but thank goodness it wasn't. I couldn't even tell you one tv show I watched because I was in a fog of sickness and over the counter medications that I just slept on and off for two straight days! When I left my bedroom I wore a mask to try and not contaminate my nurse hubby or my 3 little ones. To no avail! K woke up Thurs. with a fever and we quarantined her in the bedroom with me. (I guess I can tell you this day we watched the Disney channel all day) Then J woke up with a fever Thurs. night. J has an ear infection and is on antibiotics now.

Today, Sat., T has a fever and I think M is right behind him on her way to getting this virus/bug. K, J, and I are much better today and fever free. I guess it's my turn now to play nurse maid. Honestly, I think I can handle this role better than being a patient. I am also going to try to eliminate these bugs/germs from my house today. Me and a bottle of clorox are on a mission to disinfect today!

Bottom line; Moral of the story here: Be careful what you wish for. I think I should have been a little more careful in my "sick day" wishes. Next time I'm asking for a day off, not a sick day!

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