Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Elephant Blanket

My sweet K has a dear friend that she has had since birth, her Elephant blankie. "Elephant blankie" is actually her name...I guess she never felt the need to give her another name. K has super sensitive senses. Her eyes are very sensitive to light, she often covers her ears when she hears something loud, and she loves to feel things. I say all this because I really think it is that hightened sense of touch that makes her want her blankie all the time. She actually takes the blankie and covers her eyes with it and rubs the little ribbon attached to it's neck on her top lip.

On a few nights we have been unable to locate the blankie because she has layed it down somewhere or put it in something and we coulndn't find it. Bedtimes did not go well when this happened and eventually forced all of us to go on an "Elephant hunt" and locate it before she would finally go to sleep. She depends on that little blankie for comfort and security.

I struggle with the notion of taking this security blanket away from her. At what point will she be willing to let go of it, if ever? It is past the point of coming clean despite the (every once in a while) bath in the washing machine. It's looking pitiful and there is no replacing it with me on that.

All this got me to thinking, what things do I run to for comfort? Do I look for compliments from my husband? Emotional support from my mother? Approval from people or friends? Probably "yes" to all of these, although I know better. I know God is the only sense of true security, but I think I often run to others instead of Him for these things.

I am going to make an effort to lay down all these false "security blankets" and seek Him more. He alone will bring me the comfort I need....And for the time being, I'm going to let K hang on to her Elephant blankie a little while longer because it's so darn cute!

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