Thursday, April 24, 2008

Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender

M's GG passed away last week. GG is my step-grandmother, but really since my grandmother died when I was around 5 years old and my grandfather remarried shortly there after, she was the only grandmother I really knew on my father's side.

PapaF (my grandfather) and GG kept M for me when she was first born and I was still teaching. They would drive all the way across town at 7:00 in the morning to come stay with M at my house all day. It was such a blessing. And because of this, M was very close to them and vice versa. Well, my sweet grandfather, PapaF, died about 4 years ago and M was about 4 years old. GG remained at the local nursing home until about a year ago, but honestly, we just didn't go see her as much as we should, and as much as M would have liked. When did I get so busy? Too busy for that?...I digress, but it makes me sad to think about it.

Back to my point, GG passed and her family brought her body back here to be buried next to my grandfather. I took M out to the grave so she could say her "good-byes" so to speak. M was very sweet and said sweet things...she has such a tender heart. K, on the other hand, was very curious. "Where is her body?...Where is her head? ..Can we walk on the graves?" just a whole series of slightly uncomfortable, but just curious types of questions. M was the same way when PapaF had died when she was only 4. Just the curiosity they have. When my grandfather did pass, I just told M the truth. I didn't worry about just "grazing" the subject, but instead I explained everything to her and just thought, "Well, she might not comprehend it, but at least it is the truth." At almost 8 now, she was explaining it all to her little sister.
K-"Where is her body."
M-"It's under there, K, but it's just a body. Just a shell."
M-"It's just her body, but SHE is not in there. Her soul is in heaven with God."
Me-"Yes, K, M is right. If you believe in Jesus and you're a Christian, then you/your soul goes to heaven."

I was so proud that M was explaining all this truth to her little sister. As we were driving home we were listening to Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender by Judy Rogers. I highly recommend buying this CD (go here to buy it). It teaches so much. It isn't just praise music, but rather it teaches the catechisms. It's great and my children love it. Anyway...We were listening to a song about "Can I see God?" and M looks at me and says, "Mom, it's like God just has eyes stretching all over the world seeing everything at the same time. Isn't that just amazing?" Yes, child, so amazing. I was struck with awe at the pure faith of this 7 year old child. Just as the title of the CD says, "Teach me while my heart is tender." You tell a child something, they believe. They are not worldly yet..they just believe, have faith. As they grow up, yes, they will have their doubts, but they will remember what you have taught them and they will grow in the truth.

Tender children with tender hearts, impressionable minds, and incredible faith.

Edit to this post: I forgot to mention that my GG was laid next to my grandfather on his birthday. Oh how sweet is that?


sarah said...

Wow, I didn't even know about GG dying.... Thanks for posting.


elizabeth said...

Yes, apparently she had been sick for a while, beginning stages of Alzheimers (did I spell that right?) and of course, her heart. They didn't really have a service...maybe her family did where they were, but nothing here.

Y'all have fun at the beach house!
Im jealous!

Anonymous said...

I think you did spell it right! I know, the beach is coming up so soon! We are all excited...

Hope you all are doing well...
I enjoyed looking at your Disney pics, too. Looks like you all had a really great time.