Monday, April 21, 2008

More Disney

Let me just say that our trip there was great. It only took us about 8 1/2 hours and that included a stop for lunch that took about 30 minutes and a couple of pit stops. It was great until about 1 mile from actually entering into Disney world and then we got pulled over and got a speeding ticket. $183.00! My husband is notorious for getting speeding tickets and this trip was no exception. The officer even said that Disney world seems to have a gravitational pull that makes you speed up once you are there. Guess he was right. A bummer way to start off our trip for sure.

The first night we got into the park around 6:00 and we did the Country Bear Jamboree and then, thanks to very good advice from wendymom, we staked out a place for the night parade in front of the Hall of Presidents...a fantastic spot! We then watched the fireworks, and as always, they were magical! After the fireworks, we looked at the girls and they were going strong so we decided to ride Space Mountain before we called it a night.

OK, let me just say that until we got up to actually get on the ride, I had forgotten that you had individual seats in the little rocket ship! K had never even ridden anything bigger than a ride at the fair! I panicked on the inside but didn't say a word. M was in the front, K behind her, then me, then T. I literally bruised my breastbone trying to just touch K's shoulder during the entire ride. You can't even see your hand in front of your face, and all I could do was pray, pray, pray that my girls would still be in their seats at the end of the ride. Every once in a while I got a glimpse of the backs of their heads to know that they were still there...but even then I was thinking, "what if they are passed out...or had a heart attack!" We all 4 got off of it alive and M looks at T and said, ..."Awwwwwwesome!"
and K said, "That was funnnnnn!" I couldn't believe it. A word of advice for anyone going to Disney...don't start off with Space Mountain. Build up to that one, because everything kind of dulled in comparison after that. I don't think the girls enjoyed It's a Small World and Peter Pan and all the other stuff as much as they could have if only we would have STARTED with these! While in line for everything, K would say, "Is this one fast?" We aren't really sure if she actually loved it, or was just pretending to be a "big girl" like her sister. We very well could've traumatized her for life! She hung in there like a trooper...riding all the big ones like Thunder Mtn, Barnstormer..even Mission Space (the fast version) and Tower of Terror!

Another little thing that I wanted to remember was M and how careful she was with her money. My mom gave each of the girls $50 to spend at Disney on whatever they wanted. I explained to M that it would be difficult to decide and told her how very expensive things were. The first night, during the light parade, T came up with 2 glow in the dark Tinkerbell twirly things and M said, "Daddy, how much was that!?" T explained that it was his treat and that it didn't come out of her money. It was the last day and they hadn't spent their money at all so we took them over to Downtown Disney before we hit the road and they picked out their goodies..both got a t-shirt and one doo-dad a piece(key chain for M and croc things for K). I was so proud of how responsible they were with their money.

One piece of advice for anybody going to Disney anytime soon...upgrade to a better hotel room if you can. We were scheduled to stay at the Pop Century (the Holiday Inn version in Disney) but at the last minute we decided to upgrade to the Contemporary Resort. It was fabulous! We were the first stop on the monorail when you left Magic Kingdom..meaning we could actually get back to our room before the kids passed out! We had a Magic Kingdom suite that overlooked Cinderella's castle and the room itself was very roomy. We could easily take J back in all 5 stay comfortably in that one room. Last night as I was putting K down to bed, she said, "Mommy next time when we go back to Disney world tomorrow, can we stay in that hotel room with the TV and the computer and the train going through it?" She is easily entertained and I think would have been just fine going to a hotel room for a night. Man, that would have saved lots of cash! ...but we wouldn't have all those magical memories would we? I can't wait to go back already! I love that place! Oh...and so did these two!


JMom said...

What fun! We are planning to go in Septeber. I can't wait!!!

elizabeth said...


You must talk to wendymom before you go. She has some great advice. Also, I have a few tips of my own, having just gone. Don't forget to ask me about them next time I see you.

Do you know where you will be staying yet? Contemporary and Polynesian are said to have the largest rooms by square might need more space!


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady" said...

You don't know me - I "found you" through "Lots of Scots" blog comments. But our family are complete DISNEYPHILES!! Loved reading about your trip. We've been going since 1980 when my husband and I went "to get" our 2nd child (which "took" and he was born 9 months later! - ironically, HIS daughter "took" at Disney too - I know - T.M.I. ;)

But we go at least every other year with our 3 married children and our 5 grandchildren. We became Disney Vacation Members back when Tim was doing his internship with the College Program in 2002 and let me tell you, THAT'S the way to go!

But seeing Disney World though the eyes of our grandchildren (oldest are 3-1/2 years old) has been such a delight! And our children (25, 27 and 30) still get the SAME KICK out of going as they did when THEY were "itty bitty". I hope your family has many more trips to "The happiest place in the WORLD!"

elizabeth said...


Thanks for your comment. I hope we will in fact get to go many more times to Disney and I hope that I will be able, like you, to experience it all over again with grandchildren one day. What a blessing that you are able to do this with yours.

Glad you found your way to my spot.