Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Time to butter up the in-laws. (and this is only my father-in-law's side of the family...whew!) More things that I am thankful for:

72. A mother in law who is my friend. Fun to be with and talk to.
(and as an added bonus she just happens to be my personal shopper)

73. A very generous and loving father in law who is wise and has
a very calm dispostion.

74. A very intelligent, very witty brother in law who has a gift
of reading people like no other. He's a great uncle to my children
and a wonderful friend to me.

75. A grandmother in law who is computer savvy in her 80's! She
raised 5 wonderful children while working as a teacher/counselor
the whole time.

76. Memories of a grandfather in law...a hard working farmer,
a kind and gentle man, who I didn't have long enough
to really get to know.

77. 4 Aunts and 4 uncles (in laws) who always make you feel at
home, a part of the family, so kind, generous, fun to be around.

78. 8 cousins (in laws) and 1 cousin in law,in law (married to
a cousin..) that are so intelligent, seeming to have a constant
quest for talented..such good people to know.

79. And the family grows....a precious baby boy cousin on the
way...a 2nd cousin (or 3rd..not really sure how exactly that
works) for my children.

80. A wonderful, incredible, handsome, caring, loving,
generous, intelligent, funny, hard-working man who added
all these people in my sweet husband who is so
proud of his heritage, his family and I am just honored to
be a part of.

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