Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well Enough Alone

I'm sure you all wish I would leave this topic well enough alone, but I can't help to give you an update on the smell in K's room so that if this ever happens to any of you, you will know what to expect. I certainly didn't expect it.

After about a week of the offensive odor it started to dissipate. For several days we had nice weather and I was able to raise her window, turn on the fans and air out the room. This helped tremendously...much more than the Febreeze, Lysol, or candles. Now the smell is almost gone, well..not completely, but the smell has changed and now it smells what can only be described as a BAND-AID! I know...this is confusing for me too. What once was a nasty, disgusting smell has turned into a very sterile smell. (Guess this goes to show you that no matter how clean a place smells doesn't mean it is in fact clean. A hospital comes to mind...)

I have to say, as perplexing as it is, the smell is very welcomed! Sometimes a Band Aid does make it all better. Which leads me to question how exactly band-aids are made.....??

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georgia mom said...

Did I ever tell you about the possum that died under our house when I was in college? Someone very intelligent told my brother to sprinkly MOTH BALLS on the air vents and it would help the smell. OH MY GOSH! Disgusting. I would rather smell like a dead possum. This is evidence that you will take any advice when dealing with that smell in your house!! I am thankful for your band-aid smell:)