Thursday, April 3, 2008

Favorite Things A-Z

These are just a few of my favorite things:

A-Allison Krauss' beautiful, angelic voice
B-Babies' pudgy hands and feet
C-Cuddles from my children
D-Dogs. My favorite... Casey-brown and fuzzy
E-Elizabeth, my name, a traditional and strong name
F-faces of excited children on Christmas morning
G-God's grace
H-hugs.. they say so much and can heal better than words
I-ice that is shaved or shaped like pellets
J-J, my favorite boy with blue eyes, long black
eyelashes, and pudgy, kissable cheeks
K-K, my favorite girl and the sweetest girl in the
L-love from my man
M-M, my favorite girl and the prettiest girl in the world
N-new friends...God provides them at the most
perfect time.
O-Olives...only black ones
P-peanuts roasted and salty
Q-Quiet times in the morning on my in hand-
preparing mentally and spiritually for the day ahead of me and
my family
R-Rain on a sunny day in the summer afternoons most favorite time of the year--new life,
glorious colors, perfect temperatures to enjoy time outdoors
T-T, my man..strong, handsome, protective, wise
U-untangled hair in the mornings
(not sure if it's ever happened)
V-violets, sweet, fragile, innocent
W-water, cold from the refrigerator -first thing
in the morning
X- ugh...I'm stumped by this one...sorry
Y-yellow daffodils..looking like a burst of sunshine, telling
you springtime is here
Z-zinnias blooming in my garden in the colorful
and pretty. I love to cut them and put them on my kitchen

On some of these letters I could say many favorite things, but "x" stumped me. Does anyone have an "x"? Curious to know.


georgia mom said...

X-tra large- diet cokes, coffees, snickers, etc.
How's that? :) or
X-ray vision- so I could see the dead thing in my walls? :) M

elizabeth said...

You are the bomb! These are great ideas, especially the x-tra large diet coke & x-ray vision. Would have come in handy!!!

You are too funny.


wendymom said...

you two crack me up!! What about
X-tra sleep!!!

elizabeth said...

Wendmom...x-tra sleep is definitely the winner!! Although to be a favorite thing, I guess it needs to have occured. Ha--Me saying that to you, who has ELEVEN is insane!