Friday, April 11, 2008


If I had the energy or could find the "Flight of the Bumblebee" song...that would be appropriate to be playing right now on this blog.

After processing about 40 files for work to get everything done for me to be out of town next week...I am FINALLY done! Names, account numbers, addresses all just started running together! Now I have several loads of laundry to do, a house to clean, and major notes to write to leave my mom about J's schedule. I know...she raised 3 before, but I'm just like that...I have to leave notes.

I'm physically and mentally exhausted and we are headed to Disney World in basically 2 days..because we are leaving so early on Monday morning. I think I can get it all done by then, but I know I am going to be beat by the time that I get there. Nothing a couple of cans of RedBull or several cups of really strong coffee won't do once we get there. It'll be magical, I KNOW!!!

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