Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tomorrow Will Be Here Soon Enough

It's raining here again today. There is nothing like a depressing movie on the weekend followed by several days of rain and gloom to keep you down in the dumps. It also didn't help my mood much when I awoke an hour late today, the first day back to school....Not EXACTLY the foot I wanted to get off on this day/this week/ this year! What's done is done. I can't rewind the clock to set a slower pace for the day, and I can't stop God from giving our ground a good drink of water, I can't undo what is already done. I CAN try to do better tomorrow. Tomorrow is it's own day. I also can choose to have a different mood. After all, it might not be the best of days or the prettiest of days, but HE created to be just like this.

Tomorrow I will (hopefully) start my day at the right time, get M to school without rushing, then I will take my sweet K to the doctor. K has had a number of symptoms for 6 months now (all getting more frequent), that could or could not be related. Nevertheless, I am a worried mom and I want to make sure my child is OK.

Just to give a little history, K complains of abdominal pain quite a bit(here lately), she has a loss of appetite and therefore has lost weight, she is tired often. It's funny because all these together in that sentence look so obvious that there is something wrong, but actually it hasn't been so obvious, especially the weight. She has grown so tall lately, that her thinness seemed to be explained. She also has always been a little picky with her eating, and since I have been trying to not feed her chicken fingers and fries every meal, she has been more reluctant to eat what I have made... so the loss of appetite/ weight might be just that. In addition, my husband was very thin, tall, and a picky eater as a child.

I guess I just want to know everything is OK. In other words, I don't want a doctor to tell me it's not a big deal, or everything is fine, when they actually DON'T know if that is true. Let's test for it and then they can tell me it's not that. I realize that a doctor can't order a test for every possible thing it might be, but we certainly can get started and rule out some of the obvious ones like issues with iron or glucose to vitamin deficiencies.(Here is where I am going to leave out all the horrible possiblities that I have already googled and worried myself sick about) I'm going in there tomorrow prepared and I hope to get us started in the right direction. Prayers are welcomed.

Now, enough about tomorrow, because it's still today.


Laura said...

I know you don't know me, but I just wanted you to know that I was praying for you and your daughter today! Mind mind tends to wander also and I always think the worst! Just wanted you to know you were being lifted up.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Laura. Very much appreciated!

georgiamom said...

Have you found anything out? Praying for you.

elizabeth said...

M--Thanks for the prayers ...I can always count on YOU!! We will be seeing a gasterenterologist (pediatric) at Children's sometime withing a week or two. I am actually second guessing myself, thinking I am overly paranoid about her. I'll keep you informed.