Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just One of Those Days

I was very busy today, consumed with entirely too many bankruptcies to process and mounds of laundry that has yet to be done. On top of that, K stayed home from school today sick and I had to fit in a doctor's appointment for J, because HE IS SICK TOO! Ughh. You get the point?

As I was working feverishly on the computer today, I was interrupted quite a bit with the usual requests, "Could you please put on another movie?", or "Can you get me some juice?" (I know, I know..."ANOTHER movie"..but give me some leeway, I had a lot to get done!) At some point, the interruptions become a little annoying and they start running circles around me on the computer...tugging at my pants leg, grabbing at the mouse, striking the keyboard.

"Ok, listen guys. Mommy REALLY needs to get this work done. I have a lot of work to do today, Ok?" I pleaded with them as I herded them in the other room.

K responds back (slightly sassy tone) with, "I KNOW MOM, and I have a lot of t.v. to do!"

I think I will have to think of something a little more educational for her to do while I work from now on. On the flip side, because of ALL the t.v. she watches I get great presents, just like my SNUGGIE I got for Christmas this year. Oh, yes I did...I got the SNUGGIE! You know your jealous.


Kristie said...

That is so funny! I am jealous! I want one!!

elizabeth said...

No you don't. That will be a future post so I will wait and let you read that first.

georgiamom said...

Did you really? I have to see it.

georgiamom said...

Wait a minute--did Ty order it for her?

elizabeth said...

Yes, M and K pleaded with Ty to get it for me until he gave in. I basically got a $40 (2 for the price of ONE...PLUS 2 very snazzy book lights) static electricity blanket..aka: Snuggie!