Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Granny In the House!

I have to say, even though I didn't personally vote for our new President, I am optimistic about his run as President. I am especially glad to see young children in the White House. Malia and Sasha couldn't be any cuter! Truth be known, I always wanted to live in the White House myself, and as a child thought it just might be possible since my father was a politician, however I (well, HE) never even made it to the governor's mansion, much to my dismay.

We actually had a good laugh the other day when I called my Dad to say, "I would've looked cute in that pink and orange little coat next to my Dad on inauguration day." And since, my mom's mother lived with us most of my life, I could also see my Granny moving right into that White House with us, just as Sasha and Malia's grandmother is doing. Talk about "Hillbillies come to town"...that would've been that story in my case. My Granny was notorious for calling everyone "Hickey" because she just couldn't recall their names, so I guess the White House Butler would have been referred to as "Hickey" as well. She also, being southern baptist, was opposed to drinking alcohol, so we could assume that she would have informed everyone around, "Well, ya know, hun...we don't need to have any alki-hol around here." I'm also pretty certain she would have been outside in the White House gardens bending down and pulling weeds with her butt up in the air.

(God rest (and bless) her soul. I say all this in good fun, because I certainly loved my Granny. She was a character, though, and embarrassed you easily with her sayings or doings. She was a good woman...she loved her family and loved Jesus.)

Oh well, enough of me and my White House dreams, but ya never know....I might just be that mother or mother-in-law that moves in later with my son or future son-in-law.... And would probably embarrass the heck out of my kids! Looking forward to it!

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JMom said...

I love it! What a fun post...and as for the hiney in the air, my great aunt was always the same way...working in the garden.