Thursday, January 29, 2009

Give Me A Break!

Does anyone think it's ridiculous to have Kelly Ripa as the spokesperson for the Electrolux washer and dryer?...Have you guys seen that commercial? I find 2 main problems with it:

#1....We ALL KNOW that Kelly Ripa does not do her own laundry! That is just absurd! (Just like she doesn't pick out her own clothes, fix her own hair, run carpools, put on her own make-up, ...the list could probably go on and on)

#2...We all know that you don't look like that when you do laundry! Show me a mom with dark circles around her eyes, dirty yoga pants on, hair in a messy pony-tail, a stained t-shirt and a less than pleasant look on her face, and THAT's a better depiction of an average woman doing laundry.

I better get started on mine!


(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

So that was YOU peeking through my windows the other day, when I had a dirty sweatsuit, messy ponytail, no makeup, dark circles under my eyes and looking quite peed off!!!

Next time, just open the door and come on in. We'll have some coffee or Sprite and watch a movie and laugh at our men and kids.

elizabeth said...

Don't tempt me...after all, I'm pretty sure I'm not that far away from you. How about I just bring my laundry along with my dirty sweatpants on and we'll do laundry together WHILE we laugh at our men and kids!?? (and maybe a bottle of wine) Sounds like a date to me! (Smile)

Mom of Eleven said...

Amen. nuff said.

Mom of Eleven said...

BTW, some of those maternity clothes have already made their way into a bag for good will. . I think 10 years and SEVERAL babies, they've had a good run. . I did keep a few things and some basics. Thanks for passing on. . don't laugh when you see me, times are tough, money is low. . I did talk myself into a few things to keep. . we'll see. I will say the bright dress we talked about, um. . it's gone.