Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I acquired a hope chest, or cedar chest, from my mother many years ago. For the post 10 years this hope chest has sat at the foot of our bed and it has hardly been opened to view it's contents. Mostly, it serves as a place to put my folded clothes or to collect dust in my bedroom.

This past weekend, however, I decided to actually clean it out so that it might serve as my winter clothes storage rather than the usual plastic bins that we change out from our attic each season. (And YES...I AM JUST NOW switching out my clothes! I have been THAT busy!) One thing that we don't like about our 60's style ranch home is that it wasn't designed with very much closet space!

Ty has been begging me for years to clean out this chest, but I kept insisting that there was some really good stuff in there that I wanted to save. I knew that there were sweaters that my Mom had in high school and some from my era as well. SURELY one day they might come back in style...or one day M or K would like to go through it! That is what I THOUGHT. I couldn't have been more wrong. There is definitely no HOPE for the things I found it the HOPE chest! I now realize that unless someone throws a party with the theme "BAD SWEATERS OF THE PAST", then there is no way any of the contents of this chest will ever be used again.

Case in point #1:

Here is a close up of those fantastic jewels!

And NO, I DIDN'T Bedazzle this myself!...but I'm pretty sure I wore it more than once! I'm SURE to some really FANCY and sophisticated party or dance...probably listening to Tiffany.

Case in point #2:

What was I thinking? Could there BE another color in this sweater?! It looks like a brand new box of Crayola crayons!

Case in point #3:

Does GRIMACE come to mind?? Or Barney, perhaps?

I now have a huge trash bag full of ugly sweaters for the salvation army, although I think they are better served at the dump! But ya never know...somebody out there just might get an invitation to that "Bad Sweater Party" and they'll find just what they are looking for at my local Goodwill store. And the very best news of all....I just found a great new place for all my winter clothes!


georgia mom said...

That actually sounds like a party I would like to attend. Those sweaters were hilarious!!

wendymom said...

Those sweaters crack me up girl.
(I know however I am some pretty bad ones myself)

Joni said...

I would like to have the bedazzled sweater if you have not yet given it away.

When my children are not cooperating with me, I will threaten to wear this sweater in public while holding their hand.

That should be enough to prompt immediate compliance. What do you think? : )

elizabeth said...


Hilarious! I might try that! I totally agree that it might make them comply! I just don't know if I would then actually HAVE the courage to wear it IF they didn't!


Lauren said...

Those sweaters are priceless!

Anonymous said...

I actually remember the striped sweater!! WOW- I can't beleive you still have those! I really don't think we were friends when you wore the badazzled one or...maybe I just totally blocked that out!! Love ya! Dee