Thursday, May 8, 2008

Huxtables vs. Grand Theft Auto ??

T and I were discussing last night the lack of good family television shows. Besides America's Funniest Videos, Extreme Home Makeover, and possibly American Idol, there is really nothing out there that you can sit and watch as a family.

We remembered a ton of shows that we watched growing up. Some older re-runs and some actually from our generation: Family Ties, Different Strokes, Andy Griffith, Carol Burnette Show, Leave it to Beaver, Brady Bunch, Punky Brewster, Little House on the Prairie, Dukes of Hazzard. There were so many. The one we talked most about was The Cosby Show. A sitcom about a very succesful and loving couple (and do I need to say, married), Claire and Cliff Huxtable, and the situations of every day life that they experienced with their children. There was always a lesson and it was always funny and entertaining to both us and our parents. Where is that today? I might be a little optimistic, but I think that there are still loving, married couples out there raising good children that might like to see something like that again.

I am so disappointed with t.v. today. Even the commercials or clips for shows are things I don't want my children to see. The other night, I saw a commercial for a video game called (I think) Grand Theft Auto. WHHHHHAAAAATTTT!!!!????? We want responsible, good people in this world, don't we? Then I am confused at why we are teaching them how to steal cars by playing a video game, or how to cheat on your spouse by watching a tv show!!

One of my friends said she was searching for the I Love Lucy and Little House box sets for her children. I guess we will have to do the same thing. I know this is so cliche and not at all to be disrespectful to my sweet granny, but my granny would most certainly roll over in her grave!

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