Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me...

Warning: This is a long post. Do not feel obigated to actually read it.

35 years, 12,775 days on this wonderful earth.

-This time 35 years ago, I was taking my first breath, weighing in at 8 lbs, 6 oz and meeting my mom, dad, brother and sister for the first time face to face

-This time 34 years ago I was celebrating my very first birthday. I don't recall what my cake looked like, or even if I had one, but I'm sure it was real nice.

-This time 33 years ago I'm sure I was into anything and everything.

-This time 32 years ago I was probably walking over to my favorite neighbor's house through the bushes and she was making me homeade french fries. I named my oldest daughter after her and my grandmother.

- This time 31 years ago I was 4 years old with pig tails tied up with that yarn ribbon.

-This time 30 years ago, I had a frog themed birthday party and all my friends came and celebrated. I think this is the year I got my first bike.

-This time 29 -23 years ago I was growing up, having fun, loving my family and my friends. Spending hours playing with Barbies, riding my Big Wheel, and collecting stickers.

-This time 22-21 years ago, I was embarking on my teen years complete with a bratty attitude, sleeping in until lunch on the weekends, pimples and Seabreeze, talking on the phone a bunch, and wanting as many pairs of Guess jeans as I could get. Posters of all my favorite guy celebreties adorned my walls.

-This time 20 years ago I got my learner's permit to drive. I failed it the first time, but passed it a day or too later (I'm pretty sure I had a little help from my Dad!) I remember being so nervous.

-This time 19 years ago, I turned sweet sixteen and for my birthday I got a Volkswagon Cabriolet, which was just what I wanted ever since I had seen "Can't Buy Me Love"

-This time 18 years ago I was only 10 days away from meeting the man of my dreams on a blind date (little then did I know I would marry him and have 3 children with him)

-This time 17 years ago I was graduating from high school and saying good-bye to a lot of friends, but starting a new adventure.

-This time 16-13 years ago I was drinking entirely too much beer, having entirely too much fun, staying up entirely too a little town called Statesboro, GA. These were some of the best and worst years of my life.

-This time 12 years ago I had just finished my student teaching and was graduating from college (finally).

-This time 11 years ago I was planning "the big day", nervous with anticipation for the wedding day that would take place 2 months later....On that year I married T, again, "the man of my dreams" and my best friend.

-This time 10 years ago I was a newlywed and about to complete my first year as a teacher. I was really glad to see May come that year...those kids were crazy and I had no idea what I was doing!

-This time 9 years ago was the last year that I wouldn't be getting flowers and cards on Mother's Day. I got pregnant with our first only 5 months later. Looking back now, I have no idea what we did with all our spare time and with all of our money then (pre-kid years) !

-This time 8 years ago I was growing larger and getting hotter as summer approached. This was one of my best years ever...the year I became a Mom for the first time. Nothing challenged or changed my life more.

-This time 7 years ago I was when I realized how many jobs I actually had: wife, mommy, teacher, maid....etc.

-This time 6 years ago I was still in my twenties!

-This time 5 years ago I was pregnant with K and got a minivan, something I said would never happen! I couldn't think of a more depressing birthday...turning 30 and getting a minivan. However, this is the same year that God blessed us with the sweetest angel of a baby in K.

-This time 4 years ago I was a mother of two and for the first time a stay at home mom. I have never felt more blessed.

-This time 3 years ago I had less wrinkles, and no gray hair in sight. How quickly things can change.

-This time 2 years ago my first child was finishing up her Kindergarten year, I had (almost) a three year old and we would spend the next few summer months at the pool loving every minute of it.

-This time 1 year ago I was finding out that we had our first son on the way. I'll never ever forget that sweet moment.

-TODAY, I am loving being 35. Yes, I think I would like to not have the stretch marks, a scarred belly, the wrinkles, the gray hair, the extra lb's, and the dark circles.....but to find the brighter side of all these, they are what makes me who I am today..a well worn, sometimes too tired mommy, who would do anything for my children. I have been so graciously given 3 precious gifts: two beautiful, sweet girls and one absolutely adorable son, my "buddy". I am married to a wonderful man, who is dashingly handsome, who makes me laugh on a daily basis and who takes care of his family so well. What more could I ask for in 35 years? Life couldn't be more complete.

Happy Birthday Me.


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Joni said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

georgia mom said...

Happy Birthday! Love you bunches and hope you had a great day!!!!!

JMom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Isn't it fun to look back on the road we have travelled...just think how much more we have to go!

EAC said...

happy bday, sweet friend!! what a wonderful life!!