Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Getting Older

My 35th birthday is in two days and quite frankly, I am feeling rather old this morning. I have just recently come to the revelation, that I am not as young as I act anymore. Seriously, it got me to thinking...

NOW is the time to actually wash my face before bed and apply heavy cream as to slow down the aging effects. NOW is the time to stop pretending that I still carry "baby weight" and actually exercise to get it off, for HEALTH reasons, not so I can look good (although, of course, that is really WHY I would do it!) NOW is the time to start eating right, cutting out the fatty foods and replacing it with organic vegetables so that my arteries might actually have a little more room in them for another 35 years of blood to pass through them. NOW is the time to stretch my muscles and keep them moving, so that I don't become stiff by the time I am 60.

They say that kids keep you young, but I'm not so sure about that. Perhaps, young at heart, but not body. My back and hips ache at night from carrying an eighteen pound baby around, and since having J, the gray hair has all of a sudden decided to come in like crazy. I'm not really ready to be gray headed...I still think 35 is too young for that. I say all this, but last night I saw a tiny baby sleeping on a TV show and I told T, "I think I want another one." Then, I regained my wits, and realized that it's kind of like a puppy...they don't stay in that cute, little,puppy stage very long and really I was just wanting another baby to experience that little bitty infant baby stage again. Also the realization that I am 35 now and "what in the heck am I thinking?" set in.

Time to start living like I am actually in my mid thirties like I am, instead of acting like I am still in my twenties. It's time to stop living in fast forward, as Kenny puts it. I'm not real sure if I have been acting quite like a "hillbilly rock star", but I can say that I could treat my body a little better.

I'm just not sure where the time went. It seems like yesterday that I was a young girl playing with dolls, or a teenager crying over a silly boy, or even becoming a mommy for the first time. My friend, mom of eleven, entitled her last post, "The Days Go By Slow, But The Years Go By Fast." You are so right, friend, you are so right.


Sarah said...

I often think the same things about aging...if not now, when? My husband accuses me of wanting more babies as my coping mechanism for not accepting the fact that I am getting up there in age!

JMom said...

I have been thinking many of the same things at 33 1/2...and telling myself I'll deal with them at 35! :-)

wendymom said...

You don't look a day over 29!!

elizabeth said...

Jmom...I too wouldn't worry about it until 35. Another 1 1/2 years of pretending you're not getting old would be nice. Live it up!

Wendymom...I could kiss you. You make me laugh, but LOVE it!


elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Grandmother for the comment. You are a wonderful example of someone that stays forever young!