Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Tag About Random Things

I was tagged from Auburn Girl Always to do a meme about seven random things. Perfect. I love random. It's what most of my posts are all about. Completely random. It sort of is how my mind works I must admit. Ok, so, well, here are seven random things:

1. I embarrassed myself Monday by crying in front of people and friends at my girls ballet class. Why? Well, I'm not sure really WHY I cried,(perhaps PMS) but I was frustrated with the $313 check amount that I was writing to the ballet studio. Don't get me wrong, I love this place as well as the instructor, but was completely overwhelmed with the amount I was having to fork over for ballet, after just spending $ on groceries and school that very same day. It was just overwhelming to spend so much $$ on ballet costumes, recital fees, plus the monthly dues all right here before Christmas. And on top of that you know your spending the money on something they enjoy, but for heavens sake, we know that neither one of them will be a prima ballerina when they grow up or receive any school scholarship for jazz! But the point is..I CRIED. I completely lost it. Feel.Like.A.Fool. (and by the way, thanks dear friend for the hug and words of encouragement, even though you probably thought I would leave there and check myself into some loonie bin immediately!)

2. I have to steal this one from Auburn Gal because I hate it too....SOCK FUZZ between my toes. Can't stand it! I can't wear socks to bed no matter how cold my feet are because my toes have to be FREE....PLUS I hate sock fuzz! The only time sock fuzz is a good thing is when it is in between my son's toes because then I can pick it out from tiny, pudgy toes!

3. I wish that I would have read more blogs before I created my own. I wish I had been more creative. Case in point: a lot of people refer to their children by cute little names. Let's see, there is Stinkerbell & Lucky, and the whole "Mck"Donalds menu...Mcknugget, SmallFry, etc. I mean, how cute! How clever. I feel very uncreative calling my kids, M, K, and J. ....How original!

4. I would have loved to have been born skinny and rich. I know it's completely selfish and vain...but it's my blog and my randomness, so I wish I was skinny and rich.

5. Being a mom truly is the hardest thing I've ever done. I fall short all the time. I forget to send things back to school, I yell too much (mainly in the mornings), I don't stimulate their minds near enough, I even forgot to go pick up one child from school this year already (well, I was 45 minutes late!). Despite all that, it truly is the thing that makes my entire life worth it, meaningful. My children bring me so much joy.

6. I am not good about putting things back in their places. Terrible, in fact. I am as opposite of OCD as you can get. I create piles all over the place and the piles generally stay there for a really long time before I ever actually put them back. My kids are following in my footsteps and I can't stand that. Now I have to put back 4 people's things/stuff! My husband, on the other hand, ALWAYS puts things back. I drive him nuts!

7. Not that I have to inform anyone about this, as they, I'm sure, have noticed, but I am not good with punctuation. I throw commas in wherever or leave them out or just use --- or .... when I feel like it. Again, it's my blog, so who cares? If you care, don't read it.

I know I am supposed to stop at seven, but just to leave you with one to grow on (plus, I have a tendency to talk way too much...especially about random crap...I can't shut up..)

8. I once went to the wrong baby shower. Very embarrassing. Even drank their punch and ATE THEIR NUTS BEFORE I realized I was in the wrong place!! (Different blog, different day...)


(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

I'll be waiting on the post telling about going to the wrong baby shower!

Kristie said...

I love it!! Making me laugh again!! I can agree with you on several of your points-especially the ones about "little piles all over the place!!" Glad to know I am not alone!!

Mom of Eleven said...

Okay, so there with you about the dance fees, just imagine mine was over $500 and be grateful you didn't have to pay that. It did seem quite bad to have to pay that deposit right here at Christmas, it hurt. A. lot. I am so on the band wagon with that one.