Thursday, December 18, 2008


Lately, the news has been flooded with depressing news. There are the scandals on Wall Street and corrupt politicians, to the uncaring shoppers who trampled a Walmart employee on Black Friday, just to grab that single item at a bargain price. There are also reports on the local news of many bank robberies and even one family held at gun point, in their own home, while the intruders stole all of their wrapped presents under their tree. My own parents' house was broken into last week. Thankfully, they were not there and they didn't get anything of real value.

Hard times. Financial insecurity. Desperate people. Scary thought.
To be in such despair, having no hope, feeling a sense of urgency that would make you do things so careless.

All this amidst the season we are celebrating. The irony of it is amazing. Celebrating the birth of our Savior, our King and by His birth gave us hope and peace, the very opposite of despair.

It doesn't really matter how many pretty packages are under the tree or if we find good bargains at Walmart. It doesn't even matter if your floors don't sparkle for your guests, if your Christmas cookies are just perfect, or if you send out those cute Christmas cards this year. None of it matters.

Some people out their are missing it, missing the meaning of the season. In a desperate attempt to find money for presents for their children, or an attempt to hold on to their social status, they are missing it.

So don't find yourself wishing you had more for yourself or your children this Christmas, although very hard to do sometimes. Don't despair or have a lack of hope for the future, for our KING has come and brought us that very thing. In Him alone we find hope and a future. Him alone.

And for two other great Christmas reminders, one about not "missing it" and the other about the simple things, please check out this from Wendymom and this one from Lotts of Scotts. Two great reads!

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(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

What a great post! And a wonderful reminder of the Reason for this season.

Merry Christmas!