Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Naughty Than Nice

We ventured out the other day to do a little Christmas shopping at the mall with the entire family in tow. It sounded like a good enough idea at first, but ended up with two whining girls in the department stores tired of walking, wanting to go home practically 10 minutes after getting there, and J fussing in his stroller because he didn't get his nap in. It's always crazy when you try to take kids shopping, much less 3 of them in the Men's department of Macy's. I mean, I about go crazy myself spending more than about 10 minutes in a Men's section. There is only so many golf shirts, ties and brown shoes that one can stand to look at!

No, it really wasn't that bad. A little whining and complaining, but that was to be expected. What did strike me was that we found ourselves surrounded by huge pictures of Calvin Klein models wearing nothing but their briefs. Bless my two little girls hearts! M looked at me in disgust and said, "Now, that's just inappropriate!" I smiled and agreed and just let it die, only until a half hour later we were cruising down the mall and passed Frederick's of Hollywood. Oh My. What is she going to say about this one And then it came..."Mom, did you see that picture? That was just gross. Her underwear was up her butt."

It's really sad when you can't even take your kids to the mall to Christmas shop without finding yourself exposing them to things you wished you hadn't.

Tis the season of this generation, I guess.

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Kristie said...

oh- You make me laugh!! That is so funny and sad at the same time!! I am treasuring every moment at this age, b/c who knows what we are in store for as our children get older-we have to shelter them for as long as we can!!