Monday, September 15, 2008

Wrestler or Banker??

I have been suffering from a little writer's block lately. I think most of that is to do with the fact that every day seems just like the one before...alarms, getting kids ready for school, running my taxi to both schools twice a day, naps for J, files to process, dinner to cook...blah, blah, blah. Nothing really has seemed worthy enough to document. I really haven't had any great thoughts or moments that I could manage to put into words for this blog. Just call it a slump, if you will.

But since I am feeling guilty today for not writing much lately on my blog, I thought I would throw my husband "under the bus" for this post. (Sorry, babe..please do show up at home tonight despite the fact that I used you for a little laugh on the world wide web)

My daughter M got a brand new pair of roller skates for her birthday. White with purple stripes and purple laces. Almost as cute as the white ones with big green furry balls on them that I had at her age.
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My husband picked up one of the new skates the other night and was checking them out, but you could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he looked at them intently. Like me being reminded of my 1980 pair of skates, he was also reminded of his own pair. He said, "I will never forget trying like heck to get the wheels off of my skates."

"Why would you want to do that?" I inquired.

"Because I knew if I could get all the wheels off of them, I would have a real nice pair of wrestling boots!" he said with a giggle.

I bet if he would've been successful in doing so, he might have put the moves on somebody like this:

Although, I guess he would have had to further his attire to truly look professional:

Such lofty dreams for a young boy! All the way from "professional wrestler" to conservative banker. My how things change over time. I'm truly happy that God had a different plan for that little boy.

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momsi/Nonni said...

Elizabeth, You always have a way of making me smile. So funny and I could just imagine that cute little boy trying to take those wheels off. I'm sure your husband will forgive you, mine did when I posted about his old and new grill. Thanks for sharing. It's fun to see how other women live there lives serving there families and honoring the Lord. Cheryl