Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adieu Summer

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Summer, we waited patiently for you to arrive, but unfortunately you seemed to breeze in and breeze out much quicker than I would have liked. For so many months we longed of no buzzing alarm clocks, no routine schedules, no homework...and then you came. We headed to the beach, tanned our skin, adorned in our new season's bathing suit, we went to the pool and spent hours diving for toys and jumping off the diving board, we were relaxed about waking in the morning, sleeping until our bodies wanted to, we played outside, catching lighting bugs and doing sparklers....We had fun. We were relaxed.

And now...it has come to an end....We are now in the days of alarm clocks, homework and carpools all too quickly.

I bid you a fond farewell, summer. It was a good one for me and my family. Be good to us again next year!


georgia mom said...

So glad you are back. For real? Facebook? I will be sure to tell N and all her teenage friends to be aware of the old people on Facebook :)

elizabeth said...

M---Yes, Facebook is cool. We have a little high school group on there that people have joined so now you know what and where all your high school friends are these days. Surely, there is one for WR too.

momsi/Nonni said...

Beautiful picture!! So glad you decided to join us bloggers for a while again. Boy there sure is alot of talk about face-book lately. Summer does seem to end before we realize it. It was great for our clan too.Have a great rest of the week. Cheryl